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Barbecues are like school

… some assembly required.


note: propane BBQs are not sold in Japan … as far as I know, except on American Armed Forces Bases.
I rarely say it … and never during hockey games, but “God Bless the U.S.A.

double note: I can count on 3 fingers how many propane BBQs are in this city of 50,000 people: 2 at my place and one over at Mr. Pettit‘s.

triple note: sometimes it’s good to know base people.


what I’m listening to now #39: Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs” … because there’s a BBQ in the video … and I like the song.



I would like to visit Egypt someday

… to see the Food Pyramid.


note: Food Pyramid/Compost Pile … it’s just a matter of time.

double note: my food pyramid would be made of macaroni & cheese:
… it would take some very special Kraftmen on the job though.


what I’m listening to now #36: Steve Earle!
… I’m surprised too!



“Variety is the spice of life”

… but I’m sticking with salt and pepper on my food.

It’s not like it’s still living or anything.


note: I see 5 different types of snow removal things in the above photo. I would have bought 5 of the same thing; because all that plastic garbage breaks pretty quickly.

double note: I’m going to visit one of the Spice Islands for holidays this year … I’m thinking the Island of Salt or maybe Pepper … I can’t make up my mind.

triple note: the real trick is to have a herd of One Trick Ponies.


Today #130

Today was Setsubun  in Japan. People throw roasted soybeans to get any evil spirits out of their house and to bring in good luck in preparation for Spring. It’s pretty hocus pocus … as opposed to the scientifically proven Groundhog Day that is.

The Art Of Cooking Is A Science!


Is there a law against cloning a meatball?

… because that would be stupid.


note: if I could clone myself, I’d give the clone longer hair … so I’d know which one I was.

double note: identical twins aren’t really identical … they have different names usually!

processing note #1: this post was going to be about how most religions: mention, have laws about, ban, infer goodness, infer badness, or use symbolically food and drink in their teachings. I think all religions are okay with waffles though.

processing note #2: this post was then going to be about how some restaurants have windows, so you can see in to the kitchen to see how food is being prepared. Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses did this!
“Hey! let’s go kill a few hours at the dentists!”


Today #106

Today had its ups and downs.
oh! … I have to use stairs to get to the vending machine.
I thought you knew that.



People don’t make food in the shapes of too many animals.

I guess people don’t really want to eat a piece of pork, beef, or chicken that has been molded into the shape of a pig, cow, or chicken. It’s unsettling or unappetizing for many.

But chocolate! … you can mold any animal shape out of that stuff and people will eat it and ask for seconds.

People must be chocolate desensitized.

I’m glad I wasn’t born a chocolate animal.


note:It looks like a human baby! I get the head!”

double note: the things in the photo are Butaman, pork filled dumpling thingeys.

triple note: I didn’t eat one of them this time. I tried the venison filled ones.
… there were no cute deer faces on them though.

quadruple note: I eat vegetables and fruit that are shaped like vegetables and fruit, … but that’s different.


Today #79

Today was like a Pink Floyd concert. I think it was good, but I don’t really remember too much about it.

Hard Core


Do you know who is hard core?

People who bring their own condiments and sauces to restaurants: horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, tabasco sauce, relish, mustard, BBQ sauce, all spice,…

That takes dedication, planning, and possibly shot tastebuds.

Maybe they carry the stuff in their car’s glove compartment just in case: insurance papers, emergency flare, tabasco sauce, …

I’m going to start doing this … with toothpicks.

I’m not really a toothpick person, but I want something I can pull out of my pocket so the ketchup guy doesn’t think I’m soft.

And nothing says hard core tough guy more than a toothpick!

… well maybe an icepick does, but I don’t get ice stuck in my teeth very often.


note: photo of Kobe beef devoured by moi in Kobe on New Year’s Day. Seriously, you can eat that stuff with a spoon … because they cut it up into spoon sized pieces.

double note: sorry I’ve been distractelated lately. The big project is almost over. Or it could just be a little project in hindsight.


notes to myself #166

You haven’t had the worst day of your life yet. I haven’t had it either, but I’m sure there has got to be a real doozy coming eventually.

Handedness In Animals


There should be more research on handedness in animals.

It would help me make a better choice when buying meat.

… I don’t want to be eating a pig’s musclely hand!


note: The image of a bunch of scientists throwing balls at animals and recording which hand they catch with is stuck in my head now.

double note: I guess people do study this stuff.

triple note: I’ve been doing my own research, but I haven’t seen the nextdoor neighbour’s cat brush its teeth yet.

quadruple note: I guess I’m left-armed too!


notes to myself #112

The handle of the milk jug in the fridge is always going to be facing the wrong direction.

Basic Principles

What do you do at work?


I don’t understand the basic principles behind most things in this world.

Electronics, mechanics, computers, algebra, physics, etc        … I have no idea.

If I went back in time, I wouldn’t have too much useful information to impart. 

I’d be hard pressed to make fire actually.

I’m not a toolmaker.

But …

I do understand the basic principles behind making a cookie.

I’d like to think that would count for something … maybe a tribal elder’s daughter … or a little respect at least.



note: I’ve been making cookies at work for the last week. What have you been doing?

double note: the cookie in the bottom corner of that round plate is supposed to be Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

triple note: I’m off for a 3 day “business trip” to Nagoya on Thursday, so there might be a bunch of entries coming on as I clean out the doodads and dribs and drabs piling up around here.


notes to myself #39

Everything you need to know, you learn from both of your parents … whether you are paying attention or not.
(quite a scary thought really)


that grasshopper snatched the pebble ... and my hand! ... from my hand.


Are there any endangered insects?

Do you really care?

If it didn’t affect the food chain or cause some other environmental catastrophe, would you really miss insects?

People are always spraying, trapping, squishing, and zapping insects … if they aren’t screaming, waving arms, and slapping at them.

It’s like they don’t really like them all that much.

My heart flutters a bit thinking about a butterfly free world and my eyes dim a little imagining no fireflies, but I’d get over it and move on probably …  smelling  of something other than DEET .

Humans are pretty good at wiping out the big things on this planet, but we just don’t pay enough attention to the little things … luckily.


note: there don’t seem to be too many proud insectitarians out there.

double note: In Japan some people eat inago (grasshopper): they are quite tasty actually (seriously).
Cook them in a pot with soy sauce and sugar. It’s a nice side dish to spice up your rice! Yum!
Check them out here  … along with a bunch of other stuff some people supposedly eat over here. (not for the weak stomach crowd … you’ve been warned)

On Planetross: Peligion and Rolitics

peligion and rolitics


On planetross “peligion” and “rolitics” are the common seasonings found on most kitchen tables.

They are both naturally gray, so people get them confused quite often.

Some people really like peligion, some rolitics, some both, and some neither.

It’s just a matter of taste really.


note: I don’t usually talk about seasonings on this blog because I don’t have a kitchen table.