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As I sat in the hot spring pool, I listened to six elderly gentlemen discuss what they were going to eat for lunch.

A few were going to eat at home, one was going to try a new family restaurant, another was going to eat sushi, and the remaining two were still undecided.

One man asked me what I was going to eat for lunch.

I don’t usually think about that at 6 pm” I replied.


note:lunch! it’s not just for breakfast and dinner anymore!

double note: my world doesn’t revolve around food: my world is food! … and yours too … if you’re not going to finish that little bit on your plate.

triple note: I’ve made myself hungry. I might slip out for a late night ramen feed after posting this.


notes to myself #158

You feel good when you eat a big salad for lunch. You feel hungry and unsatisfied as well, but good none the less.

Super Powerless


note: Leap years don’t have anything to do with frogs. I looked it up, if you don’t believe me.


notes to myself #157

You eventually drink the bottle of carrot wine that your brother makes and leaves behind when he moves out. It tastes like crap, but you don’t die.

I’ve Got Talential!


I’ve looked everywhere!

I can’t find a hidden talent anywhere.

Maybe that is my hidden talent!

The ability to hide my hidden talent so well that not even I can find it!



note: I’m entering a “No Talent Contest“, but I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

double note: I found a hidden skillet in my search. Does that count for anything?

triple note: I’m not a belly dancer. I’m more of a belly choreographer.


notes to myself #156

You never find out where your parents hide the Christmas presents; but to be fair, you never look.

When The Music Stops


A game of “musical bench” seems to last forever.



infinity: science
eternity: religion
forever: love songs

double note: something that takes forever to do never really gets done.


notes to myself #155

You never win at musical chairs. Either you aren’t aggressive enough, or you think it’s a silly game and don’t want to play.

37.5 meters


The idea of an omnipotent being who knows exactly how long each of us will live …

makes me think of a guy sitting in a warehouse full of toilet paper.


note: The Fates … one spins, one measures, and one rips … and wipes.

double note: The Fates are Weird … or Wyrd … or something like that.

triple note: everyone has to ply a trade; some more than others.

quadruple note: my toilet rolls claim to be 37.5 meters long, but I’m too lazy to actually check.


notes to myself #154

You are great … at random, trivial, and silly things. It’s a hidden talent … or one that you should hide … or something like that.

A Drive By


You know  that little kid, with the big smile, 
waving to you out of the backseat window of a car,
as it speeds by you,
while you sit at the traffic lights?

I know that kid!

… or I used to.


note: I sometimes pretend I’m going to a cool place: … it’s a placebo holiday … or something like that.

double note: Ihaven’tbeentothespacebarforawhile.Iwonderifit’sthesameoldcrowd?

triple note: sorry I have been a bit infrequent frequenting your blogs. I’m working on something very hush hush.
mmm … what do bloggers want to do with their blogs eventually?
No! not delete them like Tony does!
I meant other bloggers.


notes to myself #153

You slowly change, but there is no “pupa” stage involved.
Do you think you are going to turn into a butterfly … or something?



note: the other 3 intrepid traveler cartoons  “Indecision”, “Confrontationalizing“, and “Deception “are still out there somewhere.


notes to myself #152

When you go to Osoyoos on summer vacation as a kid, you discover your first love: licorice ice cream!
It makes your tongue black and everything!
How cool is that?  Pretty cool!

In My Dreams … #12



In my dreams … I never win the lottery.

… probably because so many people are playing it there.


note: photo not taken from an airplane.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  and #6  and #7  and #8 and #9  and #10  and #11  are still slumbering along.


notes to myself #151

Some things you know intuitively … but other things are a reach.




note: lettuce is a good substitute … when toothpasties aren’t available.

double note: do you have something in your teeth or are you an exotic dancer?


notes to myself #150

Stripper Bars eventually lose there appeal.
… I don’t know when, but I’m sure it happens.

An Odd Odious Ode Is In Order


the cow licks
the shark bites
the dog whistles
the bird calls

the cat walks
the snails pace
the buffalo jumps
the swan dives

the salmon farms
the seal hunts
the bear traps
the octopus garden


the whale watch and blubber.


note: the snowmen are slowly disappearing for some reason, so you are probably safe from more poetry until next December.

double note: is  poetreason an offense? … or just offensive?

triple note: why does the umbrella stand while the baby sits?


notes to myself #149

You are not superstitious. … knock on wood.