Their anger fermented at lower temperatures.


note: the opposite of “confrontational” should be “prorearational“:
non-confrontrational is just confusing or maybe even proseparating.

double note: if he was a pie, he’d be in your face.


6 responses to “Confrontationalizing

  1. They should just drink up and be happy!
    Pie does not go with beer!

  2. Profrontational? Conbacktional?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: I beg to differ. hee hee!

    pannonica: I did not think this one through to the bitter conclusivititinessnous. … actually I didn’t even think about “back” … I will have to adjust my backview mirrors on my pre-backal lobes … or my post-frontal lobes. hee hee!

  4. You could start calling your musings Pres instead of Posts. Or maybe Priors, but that sounds criminal.

  5. Boy they are scary confrontationalists, I was worried the lifelike picture men were gunna come through my screen & punch me on the nose

  6. pannonica: I sense something clever using the words “priority” and “posterity” … but the coffee hasn’t kicked my brain cells in the head yet.

    Tony: I think I’m getting better at drawing or I’ve given up trying completely.
    … they are pretty lifelike aren’t they? hee hee!

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