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What’s my favorite nut?

… just give me a minute.


note: it’s always mixed or assorted nuts! … never intermingled nuts, blended nuts, interspersed nuts, combined nuts, jumbled nuts, united nuts, joined nuts, amalgamated nuts, mingled nuts, fused nuts, fraternizing nuts, associated nuts, nuts hanging out, socializing nuts, consorting nuts, hobnobbing nuts, …

double note: all nuts are nuts … they can’t help it.


what I’m listening to now #55: my conscience telling me I did good at not making any testicle references in this post.



Did I press the button?
I think I pressed the button … I think.
If I didn’t press the button, that would be bad.
I wouldn’t like that. It would put me behind schedule.
The button was probably pressed, but I better make sure.
Please, please, please let me have pressed the button!!!

I sure hope I pressed the button.

Yes! I pressed the button.

I’m sure glad I have a rice cooker instead of cooking rice in a regular pot that I have to watch.

It’s a lot less stressful.


note: I like most buttons, but not red buttons … except for Red Buttons.

double note: when I iron I never press buttons … I navigate around them.


what I’m listening to now # 49: definitely not reason.

Cherry Cherry Coloured Chairs


I found a “bottomless pit” in a cherry once!

Maybe I swallowed the topless part by mistake

… but someone else could have done it on purpose.

I’m never sure about stuff like this or that.


note: How do you make a chair chairier? … put a cherry on it!
… although chairs are chairier than most things … that aren’t chairs.

double note: what’s at the bottom of a bottomless pit? I hope it’s not the same thing as what’s at the top of a topless pit … because I don’t want to see that again!

triple note: it’s always a bottomless pit! … never a bottomless hole, a bottomless dent, a bottomless crack, …

quadruple note: being the “Chairman” of a chair company must be something.


what I’m listening to now #47: Kids in the Hall “Painting a Chair.

Plot Summary


I’m growing vegetables this year.

Not full scale, but half scale:
… the vegetables will be ordinary size hopefully, it’s just …

I’m using a small piece of a friend’s garden plot … I guess mine is a subplot.
… but that’s another story.

If I can farm then I will be a farmer.
And if I can farm really well maybe one day I will be the farmest!


note: nature vs. nurture? … I think growing things is a case where both work together.

double note: what comes around grows around.


what I’m listening to now #46: Peter Gabriel “Digging in the Dirt.



Barbecues are like school

… some assembly required.


note: propane BBQs are not sold in Japan … as far as I know, except on American Armed Forces Bases.
I rarely say it … and never during hockey games, but “God Bless the U.S.A.

double note: I can count on 3 fingers how many propane BBQs are in this city of 50,000 people: 2 at my place and one over at Mr. Pettit‘s.

triple note: sometimes it’s good to know base people.


what I’m listening to now #39: Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs” … because there’s a BBQ in the video … and I like the song.



I would like to visit Egypt someday

… to see the Food Pyramid.


note: Food Pyramid/Compost Pile … it’s just a matter of time.

double note: my food pyramid would be made of macaroni & cheese:
… it would take some very special Kraftmen on the job though.


what I’m listening to now #36: Steve Earle!
… I’m surprised too!

Curiously Useless


My friend tells me curious facts.
The latest:
“A peanut has 10 calories.”

This fact may seem harmless enough.
A throw away fact for most people: in one ear and out the other.

… but for me, it pops up in my head during the day and has me questioning …

“is that a single peanut or the 2 peanut parts in a single shell?”
what kind of peanut: an African peanut or a European peanut?
“a plain, raw, boiled, dry roasted, or oil roasted peanut?”
what kind of peanuts do I eat? … I don’t think I’ve eaten a boiled one before. I wonder what they taste like? … who eats those ones?
“Why is that Charlie Brown comic strip called Peanuts?”
Why are Volkswagen Beetles called peanuts?
“Peanuts don’t really look like peas. Who named them?”
“Do they use the same type of peanuts in “smoothy” and “crunchy” peanut butter? … or are there smoothy and crunchy peanuts?”

It’s kind of a useless fact:
I’m never going to eat “a” peanut
… my friend might as well tell me how many calories are in a single cow!


note: 513,751 calories supposedly.

double note: sorry, the photo has nothing to do with the post … except there is a post in the photo and a photo in the post. hee hee!


what I’m listening to now #30: The LumineersHo Hey

Food Etiquettion


My sister used to eat all the food on her plate systematically clockwise.

She’d eat all the potatoes, then the sausages, then the peas, …

It drove my mother crazy.

I started eating all my food systematically counterclockwise
… just to bother my sister.

I don’t know if that drove my mother crazy as well,
but our mother stopped making dessert for some reason.


note: I have no table manners … when I’m eating a burger while walking.

double note: if people are feeding off of you … you must have good table mannerisms.

triple note: I’m C’est la vie about French food, Que Sera, Sera about Spanish food,  … (come on! I know you can add to this list)

quadruple note: Fast Food is okay, but Faster Food would be an improvement … maybe.


what I’m listening to now #26: myself rambling internally.

Do Nuts: Don’t Nuts



Golfers must like doughnuts because they can always get a hole in one.


note: doughnuts and cookies are great, but the only cookie doughnuts I’ve ever seen … were little kids dipping their fingers in the cookie dough when mom wasn’t looking.
I’ve seen it through my own eyes! … and finger. hee hee!

double note: I haven’t done doughnuts in a car forever. When did I become so non-reckless?

triple note: why are they called doughnuts? … they usually don’t have nuts in them.


what I’m listening to now #18:  Alkaline Trio.

Cabbage Rolling Thunder


If aliens attack earth, they’ll probably want to take out the biggest threats first:

… global warming, heart disease, cancer, deforestation, nuclear weapons, rogue nations, and the entire cast of The Expendables 2.

An alien attack is iffy, so we might want to start making a contingency plan for all that stuff.


note: alien violence sounds better than domestic violence.

double note: aliens are alien to me … I don’t know “Y” … or any of its friends.

triple note: think globally; act locally. I’m doing my part: community theater.

quadruple note: yes, I know I’ve used a similar photo before:


what I’m listening to now #16:  Toad The Wet Sprocket.