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Hollywood seems to remake a lot of movies: old movies, new movies,  bad movies, good movies, …

They should remake the Elvis movies.

I could be wrong; I usually am.


note: I wouldn’t mind seeing a few remakes of all those Kurt Russell Disney movies either!
He was pretty good as Jungle Boy on Gilligan’s Island.

double note: doing extensive research, it seems Kurt Russell‘s first movie role was actually in an Elvis movie: It Happened at the World’s Fair.
… and he’s played an Elvis impersonator later in life in 3000 Miles to Graceland. … and a few other things before that.
… conspiracy theorists get to work!


what I’m listening to now #29:  heat blasting out from kerosene heaters … strategically placed facing at me … in my general direction.

Breathing Through Life


“Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe”,

but sometimes “all I need is the air that you breathe”

… especially if I’m unconscious and poolside.


note: I use other people’s air when filling up flat tires and buying balloons … but mostly I’m self-sufficient.

double note: inflation is the cornerstone of the balloon market!

triple note: to air is human.

quadruple note: if I have no air, does all my money just go to the Government?


what I’m listening to now #2: The Talking Heads



If a megaphone makes your voice louder,

shouldn’t a microphone make your voice quieter?

I could be wrong: I usually am.


note: this cordless mic used to have candy inside it … now it’s cordless and candyless … and no fun at all.

double note: the next microphone I buy will be like the one Derek Zoolander had in that movie which I forget the name of.

Details Not Deheads


I always have a minute for minutiae

… things that take an hour bother me.


note: a cool video from former Things of Stone and Wood frontman Greg Arnold with his new band The Swamp Dandies.


double note: what he slaps on the fridge made me curious, so I had to pause the video to see what it said: “If your dog thinks you’re the best, don’t seek a second opinion
… I don’t know what he’s talking about in the video though! I mean what’s with that chick in the black outfit and then again on rollerskates???


Today #316

Today I put up pictures of my 5 great nieces and nephews that my sister sent me: very cool! (yes, I said great nieces and nephews)
I used to be the youngest, but somehow I’m in the middle of the pack now.



“Cover Songs” seem to be popular with a lot of people.

Why doesn’t anyone start combining 2 popular songs into one song?

Stairway in the U.S.A.
Sitting in the wind
Breakfast on the Beach
Darkside to Heaven
Smoke by the Dashboard Light
Sweet Home on the Water
Blowin’ in America
Paradise on the Dock of the Bay
Born of the Moon
Sex à la Bama

Technically they should be twice as popular as the originals.

I could be wrong; I usually am.


note: Lynyrd Skynyrd were French! … Who Knew?


Today #265

It was so windy today that the wind blew the sun clear across the sky!

Old Futures


Thinking about the past gets me all rewound up!


note: I’m “passive digressive” usually.

double note: wind energy should be called “rewind“.

triple note:rewound” could be when you hurt yourself in the same place twice.


Today #208

You know the moment when you realize the water level in the toilet is too high: that was today.

La La La


Why can I “la la la” all day,
… but only “ra ra ra” for a minute before my jaw gets sore?

I’m glad I don’t listen to those “ra ra ra” songs: they are tough.


false note: J

note: it’s even more difficult to type “ra ra ra” than “la la la“!


Today #207

 Today started before I got up: like most other days.



Sometimes I like to “irrelevent”.

I cant’ believe popsicles were never mentioned in Charles Dickens’ novels!

When Elvis died, I didn’t have a hamster.

AC/DC never won best female vocalist of the year in 1962. It’s a shame.

Other times, I just keep quiet … and think these things to myself.


note: one day it will all be irrelevantagious hopefully … one day.

double note: on the day that eyelids are classified as useless, I probably won’t even blink.

triple note: that double note doesn’t have anything to do with anything, … but maybe it does … eventually on purpose randomly planned.


Today #182

Today was so quiet at work I could hear pins thinking about dropping.



I guess fish just say, “There are plenty of us here.


note: “depth perception” probably means something different to fish.

double note:sal, tro, tun, mac, sol, her, cat” … I’m practicing my fish scales.


Today #154

I wish there was a song about “today” in the musical “Annie” … I’m sure it would be uplifting, spunky, and a real toe-tapper.



I went to a bicycle shop with Mr. Pettit  today. He is a cyclist: it’s one of his passions/hobbies.

Me? What’s my passion/hobby?

I collect thoughts, phrases, ideas, and other things requiring little space.

I don’t need a space ship … a space shoebox will do.


note: I don’t need a bicycle either … just a seat is okay.

double note: since Razzbuffnik seems to be on hiatus, here is a band that defines cool … or hip on planetross:


Today #140

Today I realized that humming in a drum is okay sometimes.