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Seven To Ten With Good Behaviour


As it slowly crept out of my underwear, slid down my pant leg, and rolled onto the floor …

I knew the bowling alley people would soon discover the mysterious bowling ball thief.


note: why steal bowling balls? … to use as displays for bowler hats of course.

double note: if there is anything that big in the back of my pants, it means I’m very surprised to see you.  hee hee!

triple note: I hope everyone had a good Easter and got tons of Faberge eggs … or Cadbury eggs … or something egg like … or something or other.


notes to myself #161

Enjoying biting the ears off of chocolate rabbits does not make you a sadist.




note: in the fantasy seesaw/teeter totter realm of things.

double note: “I only trust 2 people; my mother … and you’re not the other one.”
(brutalized line from Con-Air)