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Taking A Break … Because I Don’t Know How To Break A Take!


I’m taking a break from posting for a while.

Nothing is wrong; I’ve just lost my will to blog for the moment.

Maybe it’s a “mid-blog crisis“! … if it is, then at least I know I still have another 1500 blogs left in me.

I’ll be back in a month or so … or less.


note: I usually think of more stupid things when I take a break, so this should benefit everyone in the long run.


Today #353

Today should be the last day of February, but it isn’t. I’ll never get used to that.
I could get used to it, if it was in a holiday period though.

Dance Recital Madness 2012

At the end of February for the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of going to not one, but two kindergarten dance festivals.

I’m invited!


I even get VIP seating at one of them … while I just lurk around at the back of the gym at the other one.


At one, I get 30 or 40 kids sitting in the crowd calling my name … and I do my famous “walking down imaginary stairs” move … and sometimes “going down an imaginary elevator” move. I haven’t pulled out “rowing in an imaginary canoe” trick yet … maybe next year.

At the other, I just lurk … and get the occasional nod  … or low flying punch of recognition from kids who see me. This year one kid crawled through my legs without me knowing until the last second.

At one, half the parents wonder who the hell I am … at the other they wonder who the hell I am.

At both, parents keep looking around for a half Japanese kind of kid on stage.

At both, the parents seem to be getting younger.

At both, the kids seem to stay about the same age.

At both, I enjoy a couple of hours of kids in costumes on stage for the first or second or third time of their lives dancing their hearts out to a biased audience … with extensive video equipment.

note: I kind of liked the dinosaurs this year.

 double note: the other of the Big Three are here:

Numata Matsuri 2008 / Numata Matsuri 2009

Kinder Olympics / When Was The Last Time?

Dance Recital Madness / Dance Recital Madness: Day 2 / Another Of The Big Three


Today #352

Today turned out better than I thought it would: I shouldn’t doubt Sundays.

Order Chronological


If most historians view events chronologically,

biologists must view them chromologically.


note: I am  chronological orderinarily.

double note: I wonder if Pulp Fiction would be a good movie if it was spliced together in chronological order.

triple note: putting things in order is a chronicological disorder.

quadruple note: Mr. Pettit  gets the credit for sticking “chronological” in my head … and the triple note.


Today #351

Today I realized that Spaghetti Westerns are called Macaroni Westerns in Japan.
… it’s the little differences.

Insomnia … But Not In Othersia


Sometimes I lie awake dreaming about sleeping,

but never the opposite.


note: lying awake is easy … lying while asleep is more difficult … what with it being your subconscious and all.

double note: I took a lie detector test once. It worked! It said I was lying down.

triple note: if you are just pretending to be asleep, are you are double liar?


Today #350

I went back to the gym for the first time in about 10 months.
The staff member said, “long time no see.
I looked around bewildered and asked, ” Where am I?


De-Siding Stuff


When people start choosing sides,

I always choose the blindside

… because people never expect that!


note: my van doesn’t have any blindspots, but other drivers turn a blind eye to it though.

double note:no, I don’t think my eyes are sore while driving! Why do you ask?

triple note: most spots on dalmations are probably blind. I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today #349

Today I almost missed sending a “Happy Birthday” greeting to one of my sisters. Usually the time zone stuff works in my favor, but she’s in Australia … so I was cutting it close.
(I didn’t send birthday greetings to the other sisters because that might be stupid)

Low Security Area


Having security cameras in my house might not be a good idea.

 … it could Hasselhoff on me.

I’ll just keep checking the kitchen sink in the morning.

… that’s probably cheaper.


note: there should be “going through the motions detectors”.

double note: I know the Hasselhoff video is old, but I kind of think of it every once in a while … while eating … and am thankful that no one is video taping me.

Today #348

Today someone gave me 7 free tickets to my favourite onsen/hotspring. Total score! It doesn’t take too much to make me happy … and sometimes nothing at all … or free … or something like that.

Chocolate Bottles Aren’t Recyclable


Sure chocolate liquor in the shape of a bottle is cool, but …

what about flasked shaped chocolate liquor for people who don’t want other people to know they are drinking?

… or wineskin shaped chocolate liquor for skiers?


note: I don’t like being drunk with pimples. I didn’t like it at 17 and I don’t like it now!

 double note: I’d try a moonshine one, but they are probably not legal.


Today #347

Today I thought, “Why isn’t the emergency number 767 instead of 911?” … it would spell SOS



 I saw a snowman in a box.
I think that he was dead.
I couldn’t bury him in the ground.
I’ll wait for Spring instead.


note: snowflake to snowflake, water to water.

double note: I seem to be doing some time-lapse posting … a week has lapsed since the last entry.

triple note: the other snowman poetry is over here:


Today #346

Today I wasn’t so “bold” … because doing “bold/italicizing” stuff seems on the fritz over here at the moment. 

The Weakend


co-worker: “Do you have any plans for the weekend?

me: “not work

I’m sassy like that sometimes … when I don’t really have any plans.


note: I’ll probably do a lot of things slightly this weekend … slightly house clean, slightly shop, slightly do laundry. Most things are done slightly of hand around here: weekends are magical.


Today #345

Today I got a new bankbook at the bank: the bank teller was kind of hot. I may have to take out 1,000 yen ($8 U.S.) at a time over the next few months, so I can go back and get another bankbook.





It’s passport renewal time for me.

I’ve had one since I was 15.

I’ve had passports issued in 4 countries: Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Japan.

I’m glad that there are Embassies in other countries.

… because I don’t know where I’ll be every 5 years.


note: 70% of British citizens have passports compared to 50% of Canadians, 37% of Americans, and 1.5% of Chinese citizens.

double note: if I couldn’t get a passport, I’d get a boat.

triple note:passports” really should be updated to “passairports“.

quadruple note: I used to think a lot of people in my neighbourhood travelled a lot because they were always passing my place rolling their suitcases. I finally figured out that they were just hauling their dirty laundry to the coin-laundry down the street in those suitcases.


Today #344

Today I realized that this time’s passport photo is the worst ever!
(photographers must be getting crappier every 5 years)