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It’s Getting Clouded In Here


Everything becomes the past, but you can still see it all.

We have rearview mirrors and reflective surfaces in our heads. 

Some people use them: some don’t.


note: I thought this was a “Mirage“, but it was just a “Voxy“.

double note: this was a pretty funky cloud!


Today #216

Today was “Clock work …………………………… Orange.



I’m feeling melancholy tonight.

I’m not usually in this mood, but sometimes it comes.

I’ve tried to fight it before, but it’s no use: if melancholy is on the menu, it’s what’s for dinner.

I embrace it now. It’s like a party you don’t want to go to, but if you get your head right … it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Thoughts about the past, could have beens, and what ifs float around like balloons in some parade … that I’m an invited guest at.

The soundtrack is always Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, or Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska”.

Memories aren’t always about not sticking your finger into the light socket again … sometimes they have a purpose that isn’t all too clear.


note: whatever has happened to Jackson Browne?

double note:nobody rides for freeJackson Browne


Today #178

Today all the flowers seemed ugly at the store, so I bought vegetable plants instead … to plant this season. Possibly this is a new experiment.



I went to a bicycle shop with Mr. Pettit  today. He is a cyclist: it’s one of his passions/hobbies.

Me? What’s my passion/hobby?

I collect thoughts, phrases, ideas, and other things requiring little space.

I don’t need a space ship … a space shoebox will do.


note: I don’t need a bicycle either … just a seat is okay.

double note: since Razzbuffnik seems to be on hiatus, here is a band that defines cool … or hip on planetross:



Today #140

Today I realized that humming in a drum is okay sometimes.


A Big Bag Of Nothing


Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike: no ideas, no thoughts, no nothing.

My mind is an empty cupboard cleaned of all morsels, crumbs, and other droppings.

And then I think …
why was was I eating in that “mind cupboard” … and who the hell’s been cleaning it???

Sure wasn’t me!


note: like most things in my life … if inspiration doesn’t come easily, I’m not going to try to do anything about it. I’m very Zen … or lazy … or something like that.

double note: I’m so far from so good … so far.

triple note: my mind isn’t really like a cupboard, it’s more like a walk-in closet that you can run around in. (I don’t have to follow those architectural rulers)


Today #94

Today I yelled at a car that zoomed by me, “Are you Mario Andretti, or something?”
I must have stopped watching car racing when I was 7.

Thoughtfulless or Thoughtlessfull


I thought I was lost, but …

I was just lost in thought.


note: there seem to be more dead ends than dead odds for some reason.

double note: I’d like more hours in a day or more seconds. Wait! That doesn’t sound right.
I can think of something better … just give me a few minutes.


notes to myself #116

You are a better driver than passenger.

Still More Too Much Time

It’s Universal
People will always laugh at 2 dogs having sex!
Health Warning
Shaking hands with a little kid is always hygenically risky!
No one will admit that their country has crap food!
The Obvious
People with glass eyes shouldn’t go to marble competitions!
A nice way to describe someone who changes their mind easily.
My Failed Product
Shaving Foam Mattresses
Stalker 101
Get a map
Sea Urchins
Poor little sea urchins selling pencils on the street corners.
My Failed Sport
Cardboard Boxing
Manic Depressives
If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.
note: if you missed the first 2 installments, click the links below. I dare you; I double dare you.
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Don’t Worry

Everything happens for a reason.
You can clean your underwear and sheets.
You can move to another town where no one knows you.
You can join a 12 step group.
You can join a 10 pin league.
You can always get another girl/boyfriend.
You can get corrective clothing/aparatus.
You can pay lots of money and all is forgiven.
You can claim it was your twin brother/sister.
It was the alcohol, the full moon, your upbringing, poor choice of friends, or the cancellation of your favourite TV show.

Don’t worry; in a 100 years no one will care.


Definition: what the people of a place are called.

I’ve been a Duncanite, a Mill Bayer, a Victorian, a Vancouverite, a William’s Laker, and a Port Hardian.

I’m still a Canadian, I think!

In my city Numata, Japan, I’m not sure what I’m called.

I don’t think they go in for demonyms.

Maybe I’m a:

Numatite: but that sounds like something you go to jail for.
Numatitian: sound like I’m good at math.
Numatonian: I don’t know what my half-life is though.
Numater: sounds too much like no matter.
Numish: sounds like I should be driving a horse and buggy and shunning TV.
Numatanian: I think Jean Luc Picard saved my planet a few years back.

I’ll stick to “I live in __________”, for now!

Routine Check-Up

My life seems to be on auto-pilot: it’s one big routine.
Days, weeks, months slip by with me just sleepwalking my way through them.
I usually enjoy a routine.
I know what to expect: no surprises.
Change is usually bad.
But sometimes I question my routine.
Why am I doing this?
Is it really necessary?
Is this the right way?
Should I be doing something else more constructive?
I’m not talking about Why am I here? or Is this what I really want to be doing with my life? questions.
This is on a smaller scale: just minor adjustments.
I think I usually waste my mornings: get up late, drink coffee, and go on the computer. Sometimes I shuffle around with bedhead until noon!!Once a week I do have to work in the morning and I sometimes get motivated and go to the gym, but usually I just piss my mornings away.
I’m always happy when the weekend arrives.
I don’t know why: I usually don’t do anything too exciting, even less in the winter.
I guess it’s not what I am doing, but what I’m not doing: working!
I need to make some small changes to perk me up: maybe get up earlier, have a shower right away, avoid the computer’s gravitational field, get out and about more.
I think if I concentrate on mornings for now, the rest will follow.
note: I bet you thought this was going to be about a trip to the doctor’s from the title!

With out a Trace

The road I lived on as a child has the same name as my family name.

My family had lived there a long time and most people thought the road had been named after us: it wasn’t. The road’s name came from another family (not related), who moved away before I was born.

I have 6 brothers and sisters.
We all grew up in the same town.
We played sports, took music lessons, did amateur theatre, took dancing classes, were in boy scouts/girl guides, got into trouble with the law, and worked part time/ full time jobs all over the town.
Our father was a doctor and delivered a good portion of the younger population.
We were a cornerstone of the community; everyone knew who we were.

Who lives there now?

No one.

None of us even live within 500 miles (800km) of the town.

The road is still there though!