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Money Making Scheme #17

  I’m going to sell mints called “Mo’ Mints“. They will just be regular mints; but a slick ad campaign should be able to make them crazy popular.   POSSIBLE CATCH PHRASES: “Make the Mo’ Mints last forever … don’t … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #16

  I’m going to sell “Bawl Babies”: balls with cry baby faces on them. Any type of ball should do: tennis bawl babies, golf bawl babies, soccer bawl babies, super bawl babies, ping pong bawl babies, rubber bawl babies, beach … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #15

  I’m going to sell “Shaving Cream Cheese”! Usually too much shaving cream comes out. Now you don’t have to waste it: you can eat it! possible advertising: “It was a close shave for the Johnsons when they ran out … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #14

I’m going to open a used greeting card store called “Card Agains”. People usually just throw away cards anyway, so it will be 100% profit!     … possibly I’ll wear some type of sweater to work as well.   … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #13

  I’m  going to sell non-melting ice. It’s a simple yet ingenious method: actually I am quite surprised that I thought of it. Now that I think about it … I don’t know who would really want non-melting ice. Maybe I’ll just … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #12

  I’m going to sell pickles shaped like toothpicks and call them “Tooth Pickles”! Possible catch phrases could be: “I think you’ve got something in your teeth. Would you like a Tooth Pickle?” or A little peckish What the heckish! Tooth … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #11

  I’m going to sell belts to Motor Racing enthusiasts called, “Fan Belts”. The belts will be decorated with famous drivers and their cars. Maybe I could attach tiny fans to the belts called “fan belt belt fans” to stop the … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #10

I’m going to sell “hubcap” caps  called “hub caps” or “hubbies”.   note: if things work out maybe I’ll expand the line with “gas“, “salary“, and “bottle” caps!   double note: “knee” and “ice” caps may find a market as well. … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #9

  I’m going to sell prescription drinking glasses. This should prevent people from getting blind drunk.   note: maybe a shot glass monocle would be more practical. double note: if these prove profitable, prescription drinking … sunglasses, reading glasses, and magnifying … Continue reading

Money Making Scheme #8

    I’m going to sell “Ping Pong Ball Pumps”. I’ll have them manufactured in Sweden because they are famous for pump technology.   note: I might have to design special shoes called “Ping Pong Pump Pumps” so the user … Continue reading