X2. Egg Pod (deceased)

I bought a “Magic Egg“. It cost about $8 U.S..

Supposedly a plant will break out of the egg, grow, and have a leaf with the message “You can do it!” etched into it.

I don’t know how long this will take, but I have time.

New ExperimentNew Experiment


May 1st ’10: the “Egg Pod” is officially dead. It was a quick and painless death. … maybe it wasn’t really really really dead, but I was tired of looking at it.


February 10th ’10: the “Egg Pod” is too big to photograph all at once! Here is one it’s newest offshoots.


November 26th ’09: the “Egg Pod” has now stretched into the next room!



How’d you get up there?!!!!


October 25th ’09: the “Egg Pod” continues to climb and twine and leaf and stuff.

We are Egg Pod: You will be assimilated.     top of the world Ma!


October 13th ’09: the “Egg Pod” is growing like a vine! I think it is a vine. It has attached itself to some hanging basket stuff … that is hanging above it.

Egg Pod forming relationships with non-alien lifeforms


September 29th ’09: the Egg Pod continues to grow and amaze! The leaves are huger, or more huger (I never know which one is correcter), than 6 days ago and the thing growing between them (stem thing) is about 18 inches long … and looks threatening!

a threatening menace


September 23rd ’09: the Egg Pod‘s leaves are huge!!! I’m not sure what’s going to pop out of that thing growing between them, but I’m excited!

massive leaves!!!!


September 18th ’09: the Egg Pod is growing amazingly! Check out those big leafs … or leaves … there are 2 of them anyway. They are like really small elephant ears or something!

aerial view: big money involved in this shot!


September 17th ’09: the Egg Pod is growing like a … whatever it is!

09 15 09 Egg Pod 09 16 09 Egg Pod and Mr. Lower Back chillin' 09 17 09 Egg Pod


September 14th ’09: It’s growing and stretching it’s alien neck skyward! Unfolding, unfolding, unfolding!

Egg Pod needs no egging on to grow ... or podding either.


September 10th ’09: It’s alive!!

Egg Pod 2     Very Eggy!!


September ’09: The game is afoot again!!! New Egg Pod!!!
I’m sure he will do much better this time!

Egg Pod



Day 1:  30 minutes after starting this new experiment, the egg cracked!

good crack

90 minutes later, something popped its head out.

thems the breaks

24 hours later it looks like this.

alien wannabe

I keep looking behind me because it reminds me of Alien. I think the instructions said, “maintain plant at a temperature between 15-30 Celcius“. This could be hard to do, as my place drops to 5 Celcius at night. Hopefully it adapts like Alien.

Day 2:

alien babies

He’s a nasty little spud! He’s growing slowly, but it could be a ruse! I can see the lettering “You can do it!” stamped on that pod sticking out of the egg, but I’ll save the photo for another day.


Day 3:

You can do it!

It’s definitely been branded. I don’t think these things grow in the wild or are mutated in a strange laboratory! It hasn’t grown anymore since yesterday, but I think it will do something soon.


Day 4:

pod cracking

It’s football shaped/alien head thingy is cracking. I think a little stem is sticking out, but I can’t zoom in close enough to take a good photo. It is a changling; possibly adapting to Earth’s atmosphere.


Day 6 or 7?:

Day 6 or7?

Nothing new has developed in the last few days. I’ve watered it and am playing the waiting game now.


Day 11 or 12:

day 11 or 12

The outer layer of the pod is slowly cracking: the plant appears to be growing. Possibly harsh winter temperatures in my living room at night are slowing down it’s growth.


Week 4 (?)

growing or rotting?

Sorry, I haven’t been keeping this up to date. The magic egg … plant is doing something; but it’s doing it very slowly. It almost looks like it’s rotting! I think the weather conditions at my place aren’t ideal for its health.

I’ll put on updates weekly from now on.


The “New Experiment” has died. I guess it wasn’t able to cope with the extreme temperatures in the living room. I’ll try again when the weather gets warmer.

I guess it “couldn’t do it”.

19 responses to “X2. Egg Pod (deceased)

  1. Oooo…this looks exciting! Wonder what ‘it’ will be that you can do? Oh, the anticipation is killing me!

    Tammy: it cracked the egg within 30 minutes! There were a lot of different messages available: I love you, congratulations, thank you, … . I thought I’d go with this one because it had the most letters involved … and I don’t like it when people or plants tell me they love me! hee hee

  2. Did the experiment flop? We have a segment on one of our news channels called Deal or Dud. “Would you say the Magic Egg is a ‘deal or a dud’ Mr. Planetross?”

    Tammy: it’s too early to tell, but I think the plant will grow. Whether it has “You can do it!” etched on a leaf remains to be seen. Patience, Patience! This experiment has just begun! I will update this daily, or nightly my time.

  3. It’s like Christmas! Ok, ok…I’ll be good. I can do it!

    Your response was fast. BTW, it wasn’t 3:19 am when I wrote that, obviously.

  4. It looks evil, unlike friendly Mr Lower back.
    I would sleep with one eye open & a baseball bat handy beside the bed.
    P.S. Whatever you do don’t feed it after midnight…

    Tony: it looks like the big beetles they have over here that little kids like to have as pets. I hope it grows quickly out of this cockroach stage.

  5. I’m with Tony, it looks like an evil doo doo. (with kind words) Bring back the sea monkeys!

    sweetiegirlz: sea monkeys see no evil I hear … no evil.

  6. What the hell is that thing anyway, it’s getting more gruesome now that it grew some

  7. I swear….

    “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” started out the exact same way.

  8. I saw a similar thing yesterday at the hardware shop except it was a magic bean that came out of a can once you add water with writing. How the hell do they do it. They’re messing with things that shouldn’t be messed with

  9. Brilliant conclusion! 🙂

    That’s the way to turn things around: blame it on the poor plant you’ve just killed for refusing to live in the 21st century (even perhaps the 20th as well!)

  10. Sorry it flopped. What a let down. I was really interested in seeing what kind of plant it was. Maybe the little inspiring message was the only thing ‘magical’ about the egg. The magic was how good it made you feel about yourself. What clever marketing! You should add this to one of your money making schemes.

  11. Thanks for the condolences.

    nathaliewithanh: stupid 18th century plant!

    Tammy: I’ll try again when my “living room” stops being a “dying room” for plants that come out of eggs. All the other plants survive quite nicely in varying temperatures. I guess this one was just temperaturemental! hee hee!

  12. I am so sorry for your loss……………….

    OK I just observed a virtual minutes silence for the dearly departed evil cockroach egg

    Tony: thanks for your condolences. I will try another evil cockroach egg experiment when my living room has a more stable temperature.

  13. Ok. This is a totally gross magic egg. Good Riddance. What’s a ridance?

    w1kkp: it was a bit freaky looking. I’ll probably buy another one when the weather gets a bit warmer … or find a new different new experiment.

  14. Oh No not another egg pod. You are tempting fate toying with the unknown like that. Nature may reap it’s revenge in ways unexpected.

  15. Another egg pod! This one was very impressive. Maybe it was the warm livingroom.

  16. Thanks for the comments.
    I’ve been getting slack replying to these experiment thingies.

    Tony: It’s going to be interesting to see if it can survive winter in my living room.

    Tammy: I guess there is a season for everything.
    I’ll have to wait until December to see if it’s mature enough to stand the temperature drop.

  17. I want one where do you get this? Thank you!

  18. Wow, my first thought on seeing this was, “Feed me Seymour!” Yikes

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