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Some people are riddled with doubt, guilt, bullets, or questions.

No one is ever riddled with pancakes.

Pancakes must be good.


note: I bet Walt Disney got the idea for Mickey Mouse while eating pancakes.
… possibly Goofy was from a bad hotdog.

double note: what the hell is Goofy anyway???

triple note: I’m not good at making pancakes: they are griddled with doubt. hee hee!

quadruple note: I’m officially on holidays for a whole week! And you know what that means?


well yes, that goes without saying, but it also means one of the Big 3 events on my calendar …………………………………………………………………….
The Numata Matsuri! ………. and more Numata Matsuri!


Today #26

Today was really enjoyable … to someone somewhere I hope.

Thinking Hardly … Or Hardly Thinking


Technically, nothing unimaginable has ever happened.

People just haven’t been thinking hard enough.


note: having no imagination is unimaginable.

note to S. Le: 70% of beach goers in Japan bring their sun tents to the beach.


Today #25

.yadot esrever ni kcuts saw I

Some Days #7


Some days it feels like I’m on “auto-co-pilot”.


note: … other days I think my auto-co-pilot light is out.

double note: the other Some Days are still here  and here and here and here and here and here.


Today #24

Today is over, but I’m sure there will probably be another one waiting for me in the morning.



I guess plants can think outside the pot.


note: some days I think I’m a plant … and then I realize I’ve just read my blogging name wrong again.

double note: I’m not sure if the plant in the bottom left corner grew after these people bought the other ones … or if the people just like putting plants that grow naturally in their driveway into pots.

triple note: if I was a plant, I’d have a silent “p” just to be trendy … or obnoxious.


Today #23

Today was like most famous paintings: square.

Sara n’ Mic (why do cats keep burying our shoes?)


Sara: My legs are getting really brown.

Mic: Mine are still blue.


Mic: Why do cats keep burying our shoes?

Sara: Because they look like crap.


The complete adventures of Sara n’ Mic: how did you get up there?,  why are the gnomes outside?why are we here?, what time is it?, the phone’s ringing,  who’s winning?  ,  what a great cast!what’s this game about? ,  what’s your friend’s name? , what are you doing down there? , the chicken just shit on the book  and what’s suppose to happen next? are still collecting dust.


note: sorry for being less than attentive to this blog; life seems to be imitating life recently.


Today #22

Today was like a box of Cracker Jack with no surprise in it.



I wish I were an elephant.

I forget why.


note: maybe it has to do with peanuts … or being sprayed with a hose … or something like that.


Today #21

Today was like spitting out of a car window.

Hypathetical Answers


My friend asked me what I would buy if a big pile of money came into my possession.

As I thought about this, he rambled off a half dozen things he’d buy: mostly camera, computer, and other assorted high-tech electronic equipment.

I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to buy.

I guess I’m more into leasing.

A big pile of money could get me a new lease on life.


note: I’m only materialistic when it comes to blogging … I need some new material.

double note: my friend didn’t mention giving me any of his hypothetical money, so I’m holding a hypothetical grudge against him.


If I Were In A “Die Hard 3″ Reality #2

All English actors would be suspect … and J.J.’s father.

I’m A Hoser


Like the water inside a garden hose in summer … a lot of things start out hot, turn lukewarm, and then cool down considerably after a while.
Sometimes it just takes a few sunny days to get things back to hot again.


note: I think I’m talking about my blogging irregularity lately, but I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today #20

Today I want do all that stuff Bono sings about in “Where The Streets Have No Name” … or sit in a paddling pool drinking beer and listening to it.

A Wine Glass


I said, “Window drapes would be nice; not window grapes!!”


note: tinto windows?

double note:I heard it through the window” by Marvin Gaye … or something like that.

triple note: I’m going to grow corn outside my bathroom window … just in case.


Today #19

Today should be a holiday: it’s that nice … or I don’t want to go to work … or something like that.

Iron Plants?


I’ve discovered iron deposits in my little garden.


note: I thought iron mining would be different.

double note: canary miners must find the odd lump of dead coal every once in a while.


Today #18

Today isn’t over yet, but the “3 hour all you can drink” party at a swank hotel in about an hour should put a fork in it.