Sara n’ Mic (what time is it?)

Sara: What’s that smell?

Mic: Sorry, I sharded.


Sara: What time is it?

Mic: I don’t know; I don’t have a watch.

5 responses to “Sara n’ Mic (what time is it?)

  1. Labels on everything! ?? Or is that your name on your stuff?

    sweetiegirlz: it’s the time clock at work. My name isn’t showing.

  2. Where and why did you get Sara n’ Mic?

    S. Le: I bought them at a $1 store. I guess I was feeling ornamentally light after I sent The Blue Monkey to epicurienne. I just thought they were tacky and funny.
    I thought I was pretty clever with the names: Ceramic=Sara n’ Mic

  3. You’re cruel! They can’t turn their heads to see that big thing behind them. Put it in front of em for crying out loud!
    Has Sara put on weight?

    Kelly Pettit: I think the duck makes her look heavier than she is.

  4. Pottery humor. I should have known you would not resist the temptation.

  5. Blue Monkey says hi. He’s a bit miffed however that he didn’t get to meet Sara and Mic. However did you name them?

    epicurienne: Ceramic = “Sara” n’ “Mic”. They are most definitely seriously not named after Palin and McCain. Kind of reminds me of my brother’s parrots: he had one he called “Buddy” and then a few years later bought another and called it “Holly”. When I mentioned “Buddy Holly” to him, he thought that was the funniest thing ever. He’d never thought of it before.

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