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Cemetary … Sedentary … Same Difference


My tomb’s tone would probably convey disappointment.


note: I’d say this was Gallo’s humour, but I don’t drink wine very often.


Today #284

I wish I was at work already today, so I wouldn’t have to not look forward to it.

A Wine Glass


I said, “Window drapes would be nice; not window grapes!!”


note: tinto windows?

double note:I heard it through the window” by Marvin Gaye … or something like that.

triple note: I’m going to grow corn outside my bathroom window … just in case.


Today #19

Today should be a holiday: it’s that nice … or I don’t want to go to work … or something like that.

French Food



A person I know claims to have made French food last night.

On further investigation I realized that the meal was classified as “French” because wine was involved.

I guess I’ve been enjoying a lot of Scottish cuisine lately.

note: mini-bars are so ethnically diverse.

double note: If I mix vodka with sambuca, is that fusion cooking?


The French Foreign Legion




I’m thinking about joining the French Foreign Legion.

The local Legions don’t serve wine.

note: Do the French celebrate “B Day”?     (say it out loud)

double note: Is there a French Local Legion too? I like to be at home on weekends.