Monthly Archives: June 2013

Any Final Requestions?


Someone left me something in their Will,

but I don’t understand what it is.

It’s an



note: where there is a Will there is a Wake sometimes.

double note: no one died, I just made this up.
… I do that sometimes here and there.


what I’m listening to now #60: Brendan Benson‘s “Tiny Spark“.

Trea??? Sure!!!


I’ve never wanted a lot of stuff.

More importantly, funnily enough, but a little seriously.



note: now I can throw out the envelope I originally wrote this on.

double note: I trash talk with the garbage men sometimes.

triple note: Google should come out with Google Treasure Maps.


what I’m listening to now #59: Bic Runga  “Precious Things“.

you might not know that one, but you’ve probably heard this one.



Is there an opposite to “Truth Serum“?

That would be something!

Dare Serum”!


note: anything that isn’t Truth Serum is False Serum
… if you want to know the truth.


what I’m listening to now #58: Barenaked LadiesPinch Me“.

Testing 1, 2, … That’s It.


I’m not a big fan of free samples.

If I’m going to sample something,
I want it to be the really expensive stuff!


note: a trial size suit would be fine … if I’m arrested.

double note: I choose random stuff very carefully.

triple note: being a picky eater must involve actually picking fruits and vegetables off of whatever they grow on before showing up in supermarkets.
I could be wrong: I usually am.

quadruple note: scented toilet paper makes my nose run … it’s a vicious circle.

quintuple note:3 square meals” probably means something different to toilet paper people.


what I’m listening to now # 57: Walk off the EarthSomebody That I Used To Know“.

Wishing Wells, Well Wishings, and Well … Wishing


A tunnel is just a really crappy hole.


note: well diggers don’t screw up and make tunnels … that’s why they are called well diggers … because they are that good.

double note: I’m sure a tunnel digger digs well … metaphorically speaking.

triple note:

if you dig a deep enough hole, eventually it will turn into a tunnel … and there will be light at the end of it.
… but only if you go straight*.

*triple note note: … and it’s daytime.

quadruple note: to be fair … a hole is just a really crappy tunnel too.


what I’m listening to now #56: Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole