Hypathetical Answers


My friend asked me what I would buy if a big pile of money came into my possession.

As I thought about this, he rambled off a half dozen things he’d buy: mostly camera, computer, and other assorted high-tech electronic equipment.

I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to buy.

I guess I’m more into leasing.

A big pile of money could get me a new lease on life.


note: I’m only materialistic when it comes to blogging … I need some new material.

double note: my friend didn’t mention giving me any of his hypothetical money, so I’m holding a hypothetical grudge against him.


If I Were In A “Die Hard 3″ Reality #2

All English actors would be suspect … and J.J.’s father.

7 responses to “Hypathetical Answers

  1. careful virgin is a boring redundancy

  2. For get leasing life, just take it!

  3. You really don’t have to BUY anything if you get a big pile of money. You can just call me, I’ll pop over to The Land of the Rising Sun and take it off your hands.

    Better still, instead of buying things, we (note I use the first person plural now) could do an eating tour of Japan! HAI HAI HAI!
    Sake, master, and lots of that beef from the cows who drink beer.

  4. I used to have a Gumby. I miss him.

  5. The way Gumby’s eyes look I’d say he’s been peeking under that shirt!

  6. Especially Ben Kingsley. You can never trust Ben Kingsley in an action movie world.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    omawarisan: looking at the bottom of the shirt, I think she’s a careful virgin bombshell! hee hee!

    Razzbuffnik: I will take my own life now … er … or something like that. hee hee!

    epicurienne: you could eat Kobe beef with a spoon, but you’d look silly doing it. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: my sister used to have a bendy Gumby and Pokey, but I played with them when she wasn’t looking so that was okay.

    S. Le: that Gumby is a junky … at least that’s what it says in the photo. hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: he was pretty kickass in Schindler’s List and Gandhi too!

    note: I originally spelt both those names wrong: Ben Kingsley is messing with me.

    double note: was Ben E. Kingsley‘s music in Stand By Me?

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