X5. Bulbs (deceased)

August 31, ’09:  The Bulbs followed me home from the store. I will try to give them a good home.
They are something called “Lucky Clover“.

Let’s see if they will be Lucky!

Larry, Moe, and Curly-Joe

This is before water.


May 1st ’10: the “Bulbs” have died. It wasn’t my fault! They just ceased to exist at some point.


February 10th ’10: the “Bulbs” continue to live … although they’ve lost all their cute faces. They look more like a regular crappy plant now.


October 26th ’09: the “Bulbs” continue to produce a few new flowers as a few die. Some of their pellet/soil has been removed by people knocking them over, but they are fighters.

lean and mean it!


October 13th ’09: the “Bulbs” are still growing slowly and getting used to their new home.

The Bulbs at home on the new rack


September 23rd ’09:  Has it been 9 days since I’ve updated this? Wow!
The “Bulbs” are doing fine. They have a wind swept look about them … since their little faces are facing the opposite direction to the camera here.

they are like me! ... better from behind! hee hee! ... I'm just joking ... I joke sometimes.


September 14th ’09: The “Bulbs” are growing like mad and have new shoots coming out daily … or when I actually look at it.

almost too big for the camera to handle!


September 10th ’09:  The “Bulbs” have settled in. They haven’t learned how to use the remote controls yet, but I’m keeping them out of reach anyway.

It's Taras Bulba ... or something! the middle one is scaring me!


September 8th ’09

one week later

This is 8 days later on September 8th!

I think these guys will flourish!


4 responses to “X5. Bulbs (deceased)

  1. I dunno if I’d trust them. Those growing bits could wrap around your throat & squeeze like a python

  2. I really like these! Looks like a good example of phototropism.

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    The Experiments have all been updated again as of October 26th ’09.

    Tony: No pythonlike throat squeezing has happened yet, but constant vigilance is still the order of the day.

    Tammy: I’ll turn them around and see what happens.

  4. You must have 2 green thumbs. Or really good light.

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