Some people are riddled with doubt, guilt, bullets, or questions.

No one is ever riddled with pancakes.

Pancakes must be good.


note: I bet Walt Disney got the idea for Mickey Mouse while eating pancakes.
… possibly Goofy was from a bad hotdog.

double note: what the hell is Goofy anyway???

triple note: I’m not good at making pancakes: they are griddled with doubt. hee hee!

quadruple note: I’m officially on holidays for a whole week! And you know what that means?


well yes, that goes without saying, but it also means one of the Big 3 events on my calendar …………………………………………………………………….
The Numata Matsuri! ………. and more Numata Matsuri!


Today #26

Today was really enjoyable … to someone somewhere I hope.

7 responses to “Riddled

  1. Ah, yes! I remember. The festival of the phallic nose! Have fun, but not too much, unless you have more aspirin.

  2. Cynical Scribble

    haha as soon as I read big 3 events (no idea of the other 2), but I knew the red big nose guy was out again.

    Have fun, don’t listen to S. Le, have excessive fun :p

    PS: is that beer in your sink? If so, there’s nowhere near enough!

  3. The body riddled with questions may be missing a few essential parts, but he has gorgeous kneecaps! Never leave out the kneecaps.
    Have too much fun, and take pictures. I’m sure there will be something interesting for us all to see! Are Sara and Mic going to the festival?

  4. Will Visorman be at the festival too???
    Will isn’t Visorman’s first name, just the start of my question.
    This post brings up the ageold mystery of why Goofy talks & wears clothes & Pluto doesn’t? Both are dogs aren’t they???

  5. Looks like someone got “the marker”.
    At camp, people who fell asleep first got the marker. Glad I was a light sleeper.

    I like the hand in the pocket of Mr. Big Nose on the left. Nice detail.

  6. I was riddled with chocolate tonight on the lounge watching tv

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    S. Le: there are the “behaves” and the “behave nots” … aspirin is cheap. hee hee!

    Cynical Scribble: there is no beer in the sink … just the cans. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I actually didn’t take too many photos this year, but I took a few.
    Sara n’ Mic sadly didn’t make it: I only have so many pockets.
    Knee caps I can draw: elbows are troublesome.

    Tony: I think Visorman was on the P.A. system … advisoring people to buy lots of food and go see different important events at different important locations.
    Riddled with chocolate … what a way to go!

    Tammy: I’ve only gotten the marker once; it wasn’t so bad. Waking up with only one eyebrow was worse.

    I like the hand in the pocket too!

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