Sara n’ Mic (why are we here?)


Sara: I haven’t seen Humpty Dumpty for a while.

Mic: The last time I saw him I said, “Have a great Autumn“; or something like that.


Sara: Why are we here?

Mic: The bookcase is being cleaned.

6 responses to “Sara n’ Mic (why are we here?)

  1. Please tell me you are not preparing us for a Humpty Dumpty reenactment. With your love of jigsaw puzzle, I could see an unfortunate accident happen to poor Sara in the near future.
    Could you put her back together again?

  2. Incidentally, who ever had the inane idea that horses would be helpful in putting anything back together, let alone a shattered egg? They have hooves, for neighing out loud!

  3. Awww…they got some fresh air. Cool beans.

  4. Maybe they can do a ” get out the vote ” tour, before you put them back.

  5. The first thought that enters my mind is “Dude, you really have too much time on your hands”!

    But then I thought, what would we all do without Planetross?

    Note: Have you ever thought of being a staff writer for the “Simpsons” or Late Night TV?

  6. They look rather nice getting some air. Happier somehow.

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