Monthly Archives: February 2010

Motion Sickness


I have “going through the motions sickness“.

I’m taking a break and will be sitting on fences mending … or sitting on mends fencing … or something like that.

I’ll be out letting the flowers smell me, the sunshine enjoy me, and changing the fresh air into carbon dioxide.


note:  I’ll still be around … just not posting for a while. I will see you at your place.

double note: How long is a while?  … I don’t know. I’ve never caught one and measured it.  February sounds good.

triple note: What am I going to do? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll think of something … or be thinking of something.


notes to myself #133

There is enough Kraft Dinner and Pork n’ Beans to last you a month.

Migration! … Themgration!


Birds don’t fly south for the winter; they fly south for the summer.              … don’t be so egocentric.

The Sun revolves around all of the things here on Earth!


note: Do people in Southern areas say “The birds are flying North for the winter.“?

double note: equatorial birds don’t fly anywhere I guess.

triple note: global warming will be pretty anti-climatic for birds I guess.

quadruple note: coast line living used to be unfathomable for many … but now it might be fathomable.

I saw some fish move into the Johnson’s. There goes the neighbourhood!

quintuple note: “Six feet under! Over my … I’m moving up!”


notes to myself #132

Our Mother takes us to “Animal House” at 13!!!!
It’s a big deal … and very cool!!!!!
I still can’t believe it!

In My Dreams … #10


In my dreams  dictionaries are meaningless

… and there is no substance of matter.


note: photo taken in one of the DisneySea sections.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  and #6  and #7  and #8 and #9  are still slumbering along.


notes to myself #131

You are pretty cynical about unexplained phenomena, but …  just be careful when there is a full moon.