Monthly Archives: December 2011

Who Can It Be Now?


I’ve turned into a hermit.

I’ll have to think about talking to someone about this.


note: I always thought I’d become a hismit! … but you knew I was probably going to say that.

double note: I got a frying pan for Christmas. I’m not sure if I’m more surprised for getting one or for asking for one. … I have a promise of socks too!

triple note: last night I woke up thinking “all stars are North stars, if you have a problem with horizontal and vertical … like old TVs“.


Today #317

 Today will be spent cleaning … once the coffee and shuffling around part is over.

Details Not Deheads


I always have a minute for minutiae

… things that take an hour bother me.


note: a cool video from former Things of Stone and Wood frontman Greg Arnold with his new band The Swamp Dandies.


double note: what he slaps on the fridge made me curious, so I had to pause the video to see what it said: “If your dog thinks you’re the best, don’t seek a second opinion
… I don’t know what he’s talking about in the video though! I mean what’s with that chick in the black outfit and then again on rollerskates???


Today #316

Today I put up pictures of my 5 great nieces and nephews that my sister sent me: very cool! (yes, I said great nieces and nephews)
I used to be the youngest, but somehow I’m in the middle of the pack now.

Long Reign Deer!


This is spray painted on the road between work and the parking lot.

There are other ones, but not so intricate.

They were probably put there to signify underground pipes or cables,

but I always think this one is a reindeer for some reason.


note: I’m pretty good at Pictionary.

double note: if I don’t get on here again before Christmas, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, except Tony  who I wish good health and Happy Gardening!

triple note: Christmas on the International Space Station must be weird … or there are some cool places to store presents where nobody can find them.
(“Oxygen! That’s exactly what I wanted!”)

quadruple note: apologies for not being around on your blogs that much lately: I’m going through a phrase … or something like that. I’m sure I will pick up my socks after Christmas … or put them away … or wash them … or visit your blogs more often.


Today #315

Today I had 2 classes, left 3 hours early, and don’t have to go back until January 4th. It was almost better than Christmas!

I’m Not A Brown-Noser, I’m A Red-Noser


The nice thing about kindergarten is that everyone can be Rudolph.

When kids grow up there seem to be more Dashers and Dancers and Prancers and Vixens and Comets and Cupids and Donners and Blitzens than Rudolphs.


note: I used to be a Rudolph, but now I’m a Santa.

double note: the Peruvian Santa on the left wanted to say “He he he!“, but us other Santas explained that it was “Ho ho ho!” in all the languages we knew.


Today #314

Today I started to dethaw the rock hard frozen turkey I plan on partially eating on Christmas, … other people have planned to partially eat it too! If it was up to me, I’d impartially eat it all by myself: turkey is that good.

Window Silliness


If it’s a “window of opportunity”, shouldn’t opportunity tap
instead of knock?


note: recently all my windows of opportunity have been double-paned: I’m insulated against that stuff, I guess.


Today #313

Today I told students that I threw a pen really hard into the air and it’s stuck into the moon now. They found that one easier to believe than the frisbee that I threw really hard and hit me in the back of the head an hour later.
(I can’t really lie on the spot … I shift around a bit when I tell them)

A Short Attention Span With A Zoom Lens


Some times things just come together unintentionally.

Other times people just do weird stuff for some reason.


note: I didn’t really know what this was until I uploaded the photo. It was just a hunch that it would be weird.

double note: Mr. Pettit  seems to think I take about 50% of these photos from my van. He’s a bit on the low side possibly.
When I  drive, I’m attracted to stuff like a crow to shiny things.


Today #312

I won a handmade hula skirt and floral hairpin yesterday at the big hula dance Christmas party I was invited to. After much consideration, today I decided to give them to one of my students’ mother who is a hula dancer.
(being the only guy in a crowd of 180 hula dancers, I was really hoping that my ticket number wasn’t going to be called.)

The Unbearable Traffic Lightness Of Being


This car is almost “cool”.


note: I think my van is called “Rus Bucke” … a few letters may have fallen off.


Today #311

Today was all aspirin and eye drops.

Toilet Paper And Toast


Toilet paper and toast are the same:

– you wipe stuff on both of them.
you usually only use one side of them.
– the most common types start out white and then turn brown.
2 pieces are often used at the same time.
– they both eventually get flushed down the toilet.
and …
– they both can be really crumby.


note:  I have to give an assist to Mr. Pettit  on this one. The toilet paper and toast conundrum really got his neuron snapping.
(that’s not a typo … he only has one)


Today #310

I’m glad this was in my toast slot today, so I could have a photo for todays toast. Thank you very much Mr. Toastman. Toastal service in Japan is pretty good.

Girlfriend Rental Agency


I wish there was a “girlfriend rental” service.

Maybe for $20 an hour a woman could come to my house and tell me what underwear should be thrown out;  imply that I should get back to the gym; check my face for rogue eyebrow, nose, and ear hairs; point out possible ways to improve myself; show me what areas of my place need to be cleaned better; and have sex with me.

I guess a hooker could do all that stuff for me, but that is illegal … and probably more than $20 an hour.


note: I wish women were either with me or against me … what a perfect world that would be.

double note: it’s just a topic and playing with meanings: I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be talking about how toilet paper and toast are the same. You have 24 hours to think about that one.


Today #309

Today I thought stuffing the turkey with a cornish game hen would be a good idea. Christmas is all about a savoury birth isn’t it?



When someone asks me if I know how to do some thing: fly a plane, make gravy, build a house, perform open heart surgery, …
 I tell them I used to know but have forgotten how.

… I’d rather people think I had a bad memory than lacking in skills.


note: I’m not useless … I’m used to-less.

double note: I’m not useless … I’m standing next to useless … or something like that.

triple note: I guess that makes me look like a “knew it all“.


Today #308

Today I saw a white ladder all covered with water … or was listening to Bob Dylan songs.