Kelly Pettit/Planetross Hula Video!

a present from nathaliewithanh.

8 responses to “Kelly Pettit/Planetross Hula Video!

  1. You look so hot when you rub your coconuts. mmhmm…

  2. nathaliewithanh: thank you again for this great Jibjab card. I laugh out loud everytime I see it; and Kelly thinks we should take this on the road 🙂

    I think Kelly has had a coconut job though 🙂

  3. My manager’s cut is 10%. I provide all accessories. If you want your coconuts dry cleaned, it’s on your dime. Deal?

  4. OMG Nat, freakin’ hilarious.

  5. link isn’t working for me? Does it expire? But that’s okay, I’ve danced that step with you a thousand times!

  6. Oh, have never heard of it any relation to jiihad? All I know is that it is laugh out loud. That nathalievixen….

  7. That was effing brilliant. Scary but brilliant!!

  8. I’ve used that before. Never turned out that funny.

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