X6. Ant Farm (abandoned)


May 1st 2010: I bought an ant farm.  I put 4 ants in it. Let’s see what happens.

Why 4 ants? … ants are hard to catch … and I just want to see how much damage 4 ants can do.

Do they have names? … yes, Hilts, Velinski, Ives, and Bartlett (aka Big X).
I may add Sedgwick, Blythe, and Hendley and a few more later.


June 9th 2010:  4 ants can do a lot of damage! They’ve dug down to the bottom on 3 corners and have dug a horizontal tunnel along the base from one corner. They’ve left one corner untouched for some reason. I haven’t figured out their masterplan yet, but I’m sure they are scheming.


September 25th 2010:

I set my ants free.
I set them free months ago.
I just didn’t get around to telling all of you.

I realized that I’m a compassionate person who believes all life is sacred.

… and since I wasn’t getting any free dairy, meat, or wool products from them, I concluded that the ants were just freeloading room and board off of me.

My pyramid sits empty.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the 2 sphinx I’ve been carving!

5 responses to “X6. Ant Farm (abandoned)

  1. did you give up or what? lololol.

  2. sweetiegirlz: the ants have been busy … and so have I.
    Hopefully an update will be on this weekend.

  3. it looks like they are dead. dedant dedant dedant dedant dedant…..*theme to Pink panther*

  4. Time to update! Is there talk of World domination yet? Has some strange pyramid effect happened? Come on!

  5. The pyramid looks like it is full of mouthwash or toilet cleaner. That can’t be good for them

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