Nathaliewithanh’s Visit to Planetross’ Japan

Nathaliewithanh came to visit Kelly Pettit and I in Japan for 6 days in September. She took amazing photos, drank all our booze, and called us decadent a lot for some reason.

Check out her travel stories and great photos here:

10 responses to “Nathaliewithanh’s Visit to Planetross’ Japan

  1. after switching blog identities and leaving the rest of us in a dustbowl of ordinariness, this is it?

  2. Hear hear! We want dirt, Ross!


  3. I’ll see what Nathaliewithanh comes up with first and then I may have a rebuttal. I actually didn’t take a lot of photos because someone was always hiding behind her camera. She’s only on the first day now. There is more to come!

  4. planetross, with all due respect, I have until now exerted an inane amount of restraint when narrating my Numatian adventures. You wrote I drank all your booze. Even if somewhat exact (you forgot the part about spilling all the red wine on your nice couch), some truths are better left untold.

    Well, restraint is over. You and your Japadian cohort are a decadent bunch and the world is getting ready to know to what extent. Ha!

    You are not to rebut. You took me to a place full of naked men. ’nuff said!

  5. WooOOoo HoooOooO!

    This should get good fast!

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. Oh yeah! They could not have been more naked. It was awesome.

    Ross knows how to show a girl a good time!

  7. I’m going to ask what everyone else is too scared to ask:
    did you make face contact? i.e. did you smooch? Be honest now.

  8. Um. Maybe on behalf of everyone else (Bonnie, Turkish etc) you should tell us what your intentions are towards our beloved Nathalie With An H. In the interests of fairness I will ask this of Nat myself, although my last feeble effort in that direction ended in me saying I owned a bulletproof jacket!

  9. I originally came across a link to Nathalie’s blog through SanityFound’s website and I’ve been reading all about her trip to Japan! Her photos and narratives are amazing! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

    Fitch: thanks for stopping by. It was a great time when Nathalie visited. It’s amazing to see where I live through someone else’s eyes.

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