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Everyone …

can’t stand sitting.


note: when everything came to a standstill some people sat down
… and fidgeted.

double note: sometimes I lie awake at night, but usually I lie asleep.
… I’m a pretty big liar at night.


what I’m listening to now #40:gossip and rumors” … but if it’s about me then it’s “rossip and gumors“.



Barbecues are like school

… some assembly required.


note: propane BBQs are not sold in Japan … as far as I know, except on American Armed Forces Bases.
I rarely say it … and never during hockey games, but “God Bless the U.S.A.

double note: I can count on 3 fingers how many propane BBQs are in this city of 50,000 people: 2 at my place and one over at Mr. Pettit‘s.

triple note: sometimes it’s good to know base people.


what I’m listening to now #39: Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs” … because there’s a BBQ in the video … and I like the song.



If it weren’t for 3D movies, I probably wouldn’t see anything in 3D!


note: how much does a “hologram” weigh … compared to a regular gram?

double note: shouldn’t it be “3 Trimensional“?

triple note: shallow people don’t have depth perception.


what I’m listening to now #38: 3 Doors Down.



I’d rather be in a gang than a posse.

… a gangster sounds so much better than a poser.


note: I wouldn’t want to be in “The Gang Green” though.

double note: I always feel more comfortable being chased than doing the chasing: being it sucks.

triple note: these motorbikes did some criminal banking, but nothing too illegal.


what I’m listening to now #37: Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt.



I would like to visit Egypt someday

… to see the Food Pyramid.


note: Food Pyramid/Compost Pile … it’s just a matter of time.

double note: my food pyramid would be made of macaroni & cheese:
… it would take some very special Kraftmen on the job though.


what I’m listening to now #36: Steve Earle!
… I’m surprised too!

Thenar Space


A 3 year old student tried to swipe away the card I was holding, so he could see the next card, using an index finger smart phone swipe.

So I muted him with my remote control thumb move.

I think there is a generation gap

… between the index finger and thumb most likely.


note: remember when you had to use both thumb and index finger to change channels on the TV?
I do. … that’s why I sat so close to the TV screen. Not like now with computers and sophisticated technology. … oh! wait a minute!!!

double note: my title is totally logical: Google it.
(I’m not that smart; I just Googled it before most of you.)

triple note: calling the index finger a forefinger is confusing:
Which of my fourfingers do you mean?

quadruple note: a pointer finger makes me think my other fingers are pointless, somehow. … although, I still point with them.


what I’m listening to now #35: rain raining.



No matter what size waiting rooms are,

… they are always too long!


note: there’s never enough waiting room in line-ups/queues … everyone is too close!

double note: a lot of people seem to doze at waiting room temperature.

triple note: pretty cool removable sticker, eh! … the link is here.


what I’m listening to now #34: John Mellencamp … but he might be a Cougar in some of the songs though.

A Golden Ticket


There are a lot of chocolate bars out there:

Snickers, Kit Kat, Oh Henry!, Mr. Big, Almond Joy, Mars, Big Turk, Crunchie, Mounds, Coffee Crisp, Eat-More, Morrow, Hershey, Malted Milk, 3 Musketeers, Aero, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, , Crispy Crunch, Flake, Skor, Sweet Marie, Twix,  Zero …

I know there’s no Willy Wonka “golden ticketin any of them,

… but I’ll keep searching.

I’m forever optimistic.

… maybe I’ll find two!


note: I think my favourite chocolate bars are Cherry Blossoms or Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups or maybe Glosette Raisins or Peanuts, or possibly Rolos, and definitely all types of M&M’s.

double note: chocolate bar codes are probably lickable.

triple note: being pre-optimistic and post-optimistic is in the realm of transgender people maybe.


what I’m listening to now #33:  nothing! … everything is on mute.

My Second Hand


If I win a “second best” competition, does that mean I lost?


note: being “second best” probably meant something … before minutes, hours, and days started happening.

double note: not having a “second to lose” must mean you only have one of something … like a life … or a toothbrush … or something important like that.

triple note: the last doesn’t seem to last very long.

quadruple note: I consider my right hand my second hand … and my right foot my third hand … and my left foot my fourth hand … and my head the fifth hand … and the next hand comes in handy sometimes. hee hee!

quintuple note: buying a secondhand second hand may incrementally save you money on time.


what I’m listening to now #32:   a Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino.  (I know it a boring entry, but true)

Mosquito Bites and Billiards: Don’t Scratch!


It was so cold all my billiard balls froze solid;

… even the striped ones!


note: cheap billiard tables are found at billiard sales.

double note: if you call billiard balls “spots and stripes” … you might not get this one … or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

triple note: mosquitoes are very very small.


what I’m listening to now #31: some spider that says it’s “Charlotte“.