My Second Hand


If I win a “second best” competition, does that mean I lost?


note: being “second best” probably meant something … before minutes, hours, and days started happening.

double note: not having a “second to lose” must mean you only have one of something … like a life … or a toothbrush … or something important like that.

triple note: the last doesn’t seem to last very long.

quadruple note: I consider my right hand my second hand … and my right foot my third hand … and my left foot my fourth hand … and my head the fifth hand … and the next hand comes in handy sometimes. hee hee!

quintuple note: buying a secondhand second hand may incrementally save you money on time.


what I’m listening to now #32:   a Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino.  (I know it a boring entry, but true)


3 responses to “My Second Hand

  1. Not having a “second to lose.” What a great double meaning you’ve uncovered there! I might just steal that one someday… but you’ll still have it!

  2. A.M., P.M., who can tell, really without seeing what meal you are eating. At our place you can’t even go by that cuz Art Major eats dinner for breakfast.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: steal away. I actually stole from myself on this one: or repeated myself. I’ve used that phrase before about saving the planet because we don’t have a second to lose.

    S. Le: I could eat breakfast all day! Art Major must have control of dinner leftovers at his disposal.
    … I always eat all of my dinner, so I’m not so lucky at breakfast.

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