Meta 3 +1 Speaking


I don’t like speaking metaphorically

… but metaphorically thinking out loud is okay.


note: caterpillars and butterflies are the same thing metamorphically speaking.

double note: a maze is pathillogical.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes #10: battery operated batteries!!!

9 responses to “Meta 3 +1 Speaking

  1. I see you got your car out. Battery operated batteries??? So if the batteries go flat the batteries don’t work? Sounds like a bad idea.. Solar powered torches (flashlights) are another bad idea. They don’t work in the dark.

  2. Looks like it does here in Ohio. (no I’m not just saying “hello”)

    I miss ya, mate!

  3. Oh my god – it’s the Invisible Man!

  4. Just stopped in to say “Welcome Front” to Plane, and to point out that the word “semantics” is sexist. From now on it’s “sepersontics.

  5. OK it’s October 2015 & still no new posts… Ross!!! Ross!!!

  6. Now I know where you went.

  7. Hi !! Are ye still alive? ~ miss reading and seeing your blogs ~ Sweetiegirlz

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