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Did I press the button?
I think I pressed the button … I think.
If I didn’t press the button, that would be bad.
I wouldn’t like that. It would put me behind schedule.
The button was probably pressed, but I better make sure.
Please, please, please let me have pressed the button!!!

I sure hope I pressed the button.

Yes! I pressed the button.

I’m sure glad I have a rice cooker instead of cooking rice in a regular pot that I have to watch.

It’s a lot less stressful.


note: I like most buttons, but not red buttons … except for Red Buttons.

double note: when I iron I never press buttons … I navigate around them.


what I’m listening to now # 49: definitely not reason.

Humanity Gritty


I wonder what “arty souvenir evolution erasers” will look like in

400 million years.

… a bit longer I suppose

… and maybe more expensive.


note: erasers don’t work for most of my mistakes.

double note: crocodiles and alligators are pretty lazy.


what I’m listening to now #48: Fatboy Slim “Right Here, Right Now.

Cherry Cherry Coloured Chairs


I found a “bottomless pit” in a cherry once!

Maybe I swallowed the topless part by mistake

… but someone else could have done it on purpose.

I’m never sure about stuff like this or that.


note: How do you make a chair chairier? … put a cherry on it!
… although chairs are chairier than most things … that aren’t chairs.

double note: what’s at the bottom of a bottomless pit? I hope it’s not the same thing as what’s at the top of a topless pit … because I don’t want to see that again!

triple note: it’s always a bottomless pit! … never a bottomless hole, a bottomless dent, a bottomless crack, …

quadruple note: being the “Chairman” of a chair company must be something.


what I’m listening to now #47: Kids in the Hall “Painting a Chair.

Plot Summary


I’m growing vegetables this year.

Not full scale, but half scale:
… the vegetables will be ordinary size hopefully, it’s just …

I’m using a small piece of a friend’s garden plot … I guess mine is a subplot.
… but that’s another story.

If I can farm then I will be a farmer.
And if I can farm really well maybe one day I will be the farmest!


note: nature vs. nurture? … I think growing things is a case where both work together.

double note: what comes around grows around.


what I’m listening to now #46: Peter Gabriel “Digging in the Dirt.

The Other Side Effects


A side effect of a side effect must be a “besides effect”.


note: there are B-side effects on albums, but not on CDs … I don’t know why!

double note: new side effects to having sex are being born daily!

triple note: recreational sex and procreational sex are the same thing in theory, … some people just take things a little too personally … or want a little person … or something like that.

quadruple note: most decisions are dicey at the casino or on board game or a yahtzee place …. or at vegetable slicing venues.

quintuple note: rolling dice don’t have side effects … it’s just when they stop and lay there that things get probably good or bad.


what I’m listening to now #45: the end to “The Shawshank Redemption“.

Nothing In Particlecular … Or Let’s Get Physicscal


When people ask me “What’s the matter?”

I usually reply,

… “I don’t know, but it has mass and occupies space.”


note: sometimes I say “fecal“.

double note: everything is just a matter of time … unless it’s a matter of space.

triple note: when people space-out I usually give them a time-out.

quadruple note:spacetime” makes me think of awkward questions that I don’t want to answer.


what I’m listening to now #44: XTCMaking Plans for Nigel“.

The Future


As a kid I almost never thought about the future.

Now that I’m older, I think about the future all the time:

… I always buy toilet paper, refill the ice cube trays, and never run out of gas.


note: people who don’t invest in the future should probably invest now … or before now.

double note: an assist on this post to Mr. Pettit … for making me think beyond the ice cube trays.


what I’m listening to now #43: nothing good.

Bigfoot Still Lives!


I almost hit Bigfoot with my van

… it was a near myth.


note: Bigfoot might have been Sasquashed.

double note: I didn’t draw the picture … I just kind of put it together: it’s a collage about collision … it’s a collasion … or something like that.


what I’m listening to now #42: 38 Special‘s “Caught Up In You“.

Fairy Tailor Made


Sorry for not blogging recently or visiting your blogs

… I’ve just been thoughtless.


note: children are “fairy talegaters“.

double note: most fairy tales are Grimm and Ersen.


what I’m listening to now #41: the opening theme to Game of Thrones season 3.
(hopefully it doesn’t get really crappy this season)