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Some Bloom To Reathe


I prefer blossoming to blooming

… unless it involves quasi-swearing.


note: Mother Nature probably drives a bloomstick.


what I’m listening to now #50: Nada Surf‘s “When I Was Young“.

Plot Summary


I’m growing vegetables this year.

Not full scale, but half scale:
… the vegetables will be ordinary size hopefully, it’s just …

I’m using a small piece of a friend’s garden plot … I guess mine is a subplot.
… but that’s another story.

If I can farm then I will be a farmer.
And if I can farm really well maybe one day I will be the farmest!


note: nature vs. nurture? … I think growing things is a case where both work together.

double note: what comes around grows around.


what I’m listening to now #46: Peter Gabriel “Digging in the Dirt.

Auditory Footimprinting


They removed the carpet from the stairs at work: it was worn out and looked pretty bad.

For 10 years I trained my ears to know who exactly was coming down the stairs by the sound, gait, speed, and rhythm of their steps. 

Now, … I don’t know who is coming down the stairs!

I’m back to step one again.


note: some people don’t like the bare look … they may start a carpetition!

double note: why aren’t marbles made of marble?

triple note: yes, I work in the basement. … on days when I feel low it’s a debasement.


what I’m listening to now #7:  U2 … but only the good songs.

To Owe One Three

everyone is a 2013ager this year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Apologies for disappearing in the latter half of 2012.
Nothing bad happened; just lack of motivation.
The motivation was motivacationing I guess.

… but this is a new year!
… anything could happen!

January first!
… at least that’s how the months on my calendars usually go.


note: I think I’ll just scrap the “notes” and “Today” stuff at the end of these blogs … until I’m back into the swing of things.

double note: it says “a prize in every box” up in the right hand corner of the box. I should have written it bigger … I told you I’m a bit rusty!

Too Close To Shore


“Hey! You can’t practice fish here! This is a practice swimming area!”

I shouted to the man while laying on the ground with my mask and snorkel.


note: really, how does someone know that they don’t have enough time to fish? … It could just take a minute.

double note: I think this guy is crazy. I’m sure the dogs in the park scared away the fish long ago.


Today #323

Today I missed shaving just by a whisker.

Plans And Goals


My plan is to fill this head-bank with 500 yen coins.
My goal is to fill this head-bank with 500 yen coins.

It’s good to have plans and goals … or one or the other.


note: having plants and goats is cool too!


Today #289

Today I thought a “bicycle framed picture” might  look good in my living room.




I’m going to become a “trainspotter spotter” until that becomes popular

… then I’ll probably become a “trainspotter spotter spotter”.

I don’t know what I’ll do next, when that becomes popular!


note: there’s an old steam train around here that shoots out of a mountain tunnel onto a trestle bridge that goes over a river every Sunday around 11:30 am. It must look pretty cool: there are always a half dozen trainspotters waiting for it.

double note: here is the steam train on another section of the track, if you are into trains and stuff.


Today #266

Today I missed the train again … and the boat … and the bus …
but I thought about them.

Things On Strings


Flying a kite and fishing are about the same;

you hold a spool of string … and nothing much happens after that.


note: wireless fishing and kite flying would be cool, but not very fun.


Today #213

Peter Falk died. Rest in Peace Columbo.

(I guess Mannix and Jim Rockford will sadly join him eventually)

Giant Outdoor Litterbox

This is how to make a giant outdoor litterbox outside of your house. (making a giant outdoor litterbox inside your house may prove more difficult)


First: choose a location.

Second: make a border using something. I used the natural rocks found nearby on top of the area.

Third: add soil. If you add regular dirt or cat litter, that’s okay … because it will become soiled eventually.

And that’s about it.

I guess cats will probably get involved at some point, but you don’t need any of your own.
To bastardize  a line from Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella:

If you build it, they will come.


note: I put flowers in my giant outdoor litterbox while I wait for those cats.

double note: a big thank you to Mr. Pettit  for suggesting this rental property improvement … eventhough he didn’t do any of the work!
… why do I feel like “The Little Red Hen“?


Today #197

I was more outvolved in today than involved.

Trying Something New


I’ve had success cutting my grass and pulling weeds.

I’ve had success with 75% of the flowers I’ve planted.

Let’s see if I can grow vegetables.

I went to the place that sells that stuff, but I couldn’t find the salad plants, raisin plants, or pickle plants.

… so I’ve settled for tomatoes, cucumbers, Japanese green peppers, and red peppers … or at least the ones that turn red if they are green too long at home.


note: this is an experiment, but I won’t count it as one.

double note: I should have planted a bumper plant … because I could use a bumper crop … mine’s kind of rusty.


Today #179

Today  I drove to the next city and bought a few books: Roald Dahl‘s “The BFG“, Roddy Doyle‘s “The Dead Republic“, and Haruki Murakami‘s ” Kafka on the Shore“.  There wasn’t a big selection.