The Other Side Effects


A side effect of a side effect must be a “besides effect”.


note: there are B-side effects on albums, but not on CDs … I don’t know why!

double note: new side effects to having sex are being born daily!

triple note: recreational sex and procreational sex are the same thing in theory, … some people just take things a little too personally … or want a little person … or something like that.

quadruple note: most decisions are dicey at the casino or on board game or a yahtzee place …. or at vegetable slicing venues.

quintuple note: rolling dice don’t have side effects … it’s just when they stop and lay there that things get probably good or bad.


what I’m listening to now #45: the end to “The Shawshank Redemption“.

2 responses to “The Other Side Effects

  1. I’m not sure whether to Go or Don’t go? Maybe I should roll a dice to decide. If the dice don’t roll will it gather moss? Or is that Rolling stones? You got to ro-o-oll me, call me the tumbling dice. Tumbling Stones just don’t sound as cool

    • Tony: I bought the “Eat/ Don’t Eat” die as well, but thought I’d never use it … so I gave it away.

      note: neither do Kidney Stones. hee hee!

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