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Plot Summary


I’m growing vegetables this year.

Not full scale, but half scale:
… the vegetables will be ordinary size hopefully, it’s just …

I’m using a small piece of a friend’s garden plot … I guess mine is a subplot.
… but that’s another story.

If I can farm then I will be a farmer.
And if I can farm really well maybe one day I will be the farmest!


note: nature vs. nurture? … I think growing things is a case where both work together.

double note: what comes around grows around.


what I’m listening to now #46: Peter Gabriel “Digging in the Dirt.



No one is born a vegan,

it’s a later in life choice.

… like being divorced or almost divorced.


note: breastfeeding off of a tomato is more difficult than breastfeeding off of a chicken probably.

double note:  cows aren’t born vegan … or any other animal that drinks milk. I guess exploitation doesn’t start at home.

triple note: what someone puts into their body is their own business, just don’t start pointing your chickenless fingers at me.

quadruple note: sorry, I had nothing to say tonight … so I dug really deep … and found nothing.


Today #229

I could memorize today, but why bother … there will be another one tomorrow. I’m an optimistic pessimist today. I don’t know what I’ll be tomorrow … maybe something different … or the same … it’s a crap shoot.

Hydroponics Gone Wild!



November is “hydroponic giant albino carrot” season in Japan.


These magical vegetables seem to grow out of thin air on the sides of buildings.


What a bumper crop this year!



Well, actually they are daikon: mild giant radishes that seem to make their way in to a lot dishes over here.


note: more info about the amazing daikon here.

double note: daikon were popularized in Star Trek’s The Wrath of Khan when Captain Kirk screamed, “Daikon Die!”.

triple note: here is the other half of the photo from “Edible Wind Chimes“.


This photo captures many common things found outside of houses in the countryside quite nicely:

futon, persimmon, daikon, longjohns, tack-on tatami mat covers, blue tarps, crate of beer bottles, and a little push cart to wheel the beer bottles back to the shop.



Slow Leaks

Some of my plastic aliens are leaking slowly.

They should drink more liquids.

It’s summer you know!


note: My fridge has a slow leek too. It’s in the vegetable drawer.





I must have been a vegetarian in a past life …

because I think I’ve eaten enough vegetables to last a few lifetimes.

note: I want to be reincarnated as my friend, so I can sleep with his wife and have me as a friend.   What! It doesn’t work like that! What a rip!