Did I press the button?
I think I pressed the button … I think.
If I didn’t press the button, that would be bad.
I wouldn’t like that. It would put me behind schedule.
The button was probably pressed, but I better make sure.
Please, please, please let me have pressed the button!!!

I sure hope I pressed the button.

Yes! I pressed the button.

I’m sure glad I have a rice cooker instead of cooking rice in a regular pot that I have to watch.

It’s a lot less stressful.


note: I like most buttons, but not red buttons … except for Red Buttons.

double note: when I iron I never press buttons … I navigate around them.


what I’m listening to now # 49: definitely not reason.

3 responses to “Button

  1. I wonder if there’s a word for it… for button anxiety.

  2. cynicalscribble

    Do you press a button, or push a button? Depends what type of button it is…
    The Chemical Brothers have a song called Push The Button. Maybe it wouldn’t have been as good if they called it Pressed The Button?

    Push, press, push, press… arrrgghhhh

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Donald Diddams: fear of buttons on clothing is called “koumpounophobia”. … a fear of buttons of machinery doesn’t have a fancy name … it’s an unnamed fear I guess.

    cynical scribble: pressed vs. pushed? … they kind of mean the same, but not really for some things. I’d like to be freshly pressed someday, but not freshly pushed. hee hee!

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