The Future


As a kid I almost never thought about the future.

Now that I’m older, I think about the future all the time:

… I always buy toilet paper, refill the ice cube trays, and never run out of gas.


note: people who don’t invest in the future should probably invest now … or before now.

double note: an assist on this post to Mr. Pettit … for making me think beyond the ice cube trays.


what I’m listening to now #43: nothing good.

8 responses to “The Future

  1. No assist from me my friend. I use my own toilet paper. And actually, I don’t have to think about getting it in the future, I got meself a wife for that! When is her birthday anyways?
    Before refrigerators were invented, ice cubes were seasonal. They weren’t really a future thought. And gas was something that just happened after dinner! And toilet paper was more like toilet …..finished. 🙂

  2. When I was young, I never thought about my future either. Nowadays, laundry and dishes are my future even though I hate thinking about them. It sucks.

  3. cynicalscribble

    How can you think of anything else, beyond those Easter Island ice cube mould things. It was you who had them wasn’t it? Otherwise this comment is wasted…

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Kelly Pettit: it must be nice to have a wife that uses toilet paper. hee hee!

    Tammy: I don’t mind doing dishes or laundry … I just don’t think about the future when I think about them … I just think about how clean they will be.

    cynicalscribble: I still have that ice cube tray … I just don’t use it very often. I don’t know why … sometime you want heads in the drink and sometimes I’m too lazy to refurbish the tray.

  5. Nobody ever looks forward to their past. If I was Scrooge I’d choose the Ghost of Xmas Presents

    • Tony: sometimes I look forward to the past: “I’m glad that’s over“, “That was awesome! … I’m going there again!“, “My garbage stinks! Thank god it was garbage day today!” …
      The past isn’t so bad if you can get past it.
      The future is pretty good too! … if only I can imagine it.

      • Kids of today live in the present & future. I remember back in the good ol’ days we looked to the past & were grateful for it. Grateful it was past…

      • Tony: it’s true, kids live in the present and future now. They used to live in the past, but that’s over now.

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