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Did I press the button?
I think I pressed the button … I think.
If I didn’t press the button, that would be bad.
I wouldn’t like that. It would put me behind schedule.
The button was probably pressed, but I better make sure.
Please, please, please let me have pressed the button!!!

I sure hope I pressed the button.

Yes! I pressed the button.

I’m sure glad I have a rice cooker instead of cooking rice in a regular pot that I have to watch.

It’s a lot less stressful.


note: I like most buttons, but not red buttons … except for Red Buttons.

double note: when I iron I never press buttons … I navigate around them.


what I’m listening to now # 49: definitely not reason.


you are flying low all over the place!



note: button your lip, zip it, … will future generations be saying “velcro that mouth“?

double note: photo taken in the cool Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art .

If you pay to see this exhibit, you can’t take photos. If you are standing on the outside and looking through the glass partition, snap away!


more flies than a piece of crap!


triple note: buttons, zippers, velcro, … what will be the next big innovation? I’m betting on magnets!

quadruple note: I want ziplock pants!



A Subtle Difference

the newest acquisition


I’m lucky.

I wear what I like to work:

but …

to avoid becoming too casual I always do up one more button on my shirt when I go to work, and undo it again when I leave work.

You’d think people wouldn’t notice this little difference, but they do!

… maybe it’s because my shirts only have one button on them.


note: I’m a dress decoder.

double note: Who wears “attire“? … apart from the Michelin Man … or “Bibendum” to people in the know.

triple note: the photo has nothing to do with buttons or being lucky or subtlety or the Michelin Man … it’s just my most recent cactus/cacti purchase from a few weeks back.

quadruple note: I may have put on 3 entries tonight … and one this afternoon. If you are inclined (or just standing straight), please feel free to peruse my humble offerings … or just look at all the crap anyway.




Why do people accessorize things with: tags, buttons, stickers, clips, bangles, bobbles, magnets, doohickeys, doodads, and charms?

I’m not pointing any fingers: I do it too. Fridge magnets and bumper-stickers are my weakness.

Is it to personalize an item? Is it to make a statement?

Is it human nature to mark stuff as “mine” like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant or a bear clawing a tree?

I don’t have any answers; just wondering.

What do you think? 

note: Is excessive accessorizing “excessorizing“?

double note: Are nylon stockings an accessory to a crime?



Words and Symbols


I have a confession.

I can’t read………….. very well……………. in Japanese.

Speaking it is difficult enough for me, I gave up on acquiring decent reading skills a long time ago.

So for many things, Kanji (Chinese characters) are just symbols.

I don’t know how to write, read, or pronounce them, but I know what they mean : like a red octagonal sign usually means stop.

I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying what buttons to push on machines: elevators, bank machines, rice cookers, cameras, remote controls, VCRs, ticket machines…..   No problem.

It’s not so bad being illiterate.

Most days when confronted with buttons I feel like a little kid with the animal sound toy: press the duck – it goes “quack”, press the cow – it goes “moo”.

On a bad day the cat “oinks” though.

Pushing Buttons

My life is filled with never-ending moments of button pushing.

There is always another button to push!

When I was a kid the only button I ever pushed was my Mother’s!

Maybe you turned on the TV with a button, if you didn’t have the switch type.

Everything had a switch!

Now, it’s buttons on the TV remote, computer, air-conditioner, rice-cooker, hot-water thermos, laundry machine, bank machine, phone, blah, blah, blah, …….


The worst for me is: the heaters in my place.

No central heating, so I have kerosene heaters that need reassurance that I am still conscious every 2 hours.

The warning music is painful; the physical act of getting up and pushing those damn buttons makes me feel like a rat in one of those lab experiments.

If the heater gave me something when I pushed the button, other than heat, it would be better!


Maybe a peanut or two would be nice.