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Out With The Older, In With The Newer



Goodbye 20 year old old van.
Hello 10 year old new van.

Hello power steering, airbags, CD player, automatic windows, automatic door locks, and much improved gas mileage.

I can’t wait to see what incredible improvements are in  the brand new vans!
I’ll find out in another 10 years, I guess.

… maybe they can fly!!!


note:the best things in life are free” … like my old van.
I hope the new one will be “the second best things in life” … even though
there’s only one of it … I’m hoping it’s at least twice as good!


what I’m listening to now #52: Crowded HouseWeather With You“.



Did I press the button?
I think I pressed the button … I think.
If I didn’t press the button, that would be bad.
I wouldn’t like that. It would put me behind schedule.
The button was probably pressed, but I better make sure.
Please, please, please let me have pressed the button!!!

I sure hope I pressed the button.

Yes! I pressed the button.

I’m sure glad I have a rice cooker instead of cooking rice in a regular pot that I have to watch.

It’s a lot less stressful.


note: I like most buttons, but not red buttons … except for Red Buttons.

double note: when I iron I never press buttons … I navigate around them.


what I’m listening to now # 49: definitely not reason.

Thenar Space


A 3 year old student tried to swipe away the card I was holding, so he could see the next card, using an index finger smart phone swipe.

So I muted him with my remote control thumb move.

I think there is a generation gap

… between the index finger and thumb most likely.


note: remember when you had to use both thumb and index finger to change channels on the TV?
I do. … that’s why I sat so close to the TV screen. Not like now with computers and sophisticated technology. … oh! wait a minute!!!

double note: my title is totally logical: Google it.
(I’m not that smart; I just Googled it before most of you.)

triple note: calling the index finger a forefinger is confusing:
Which of my fourfingers do you mean?

quadruple note: a pointer finger makes me think my other fingers are pointless, somehow. … although, I still point with them.


what I’m listening to now #35: rain raining.

Me Naturally


Just like nature … I too abhor a vacuum.


note: this expression is so old … I’m sure it was “Nature abhors a broom” at one time.

double note: I didn’t draw the picture … I just did a bit of cut and paste which involved scissors and glue. … I did print the “ahhh!!!” though.



If a megaphone makes your voice louder,

shouldn’t a microphone make your voice quieter?

I could be wrong: I usually am.


note: this cordless mic used to have candy inside it … now it’s cordless and candyless … and no fun at all.

double note: the next microphone I buy will be like the one Derek Zoolander had in that movie which I forget the name of.

Cutting Edge Technology … That Isn’t Knives



The Driver’s Licence Office gave me a fluorescent armband when I renewed my licence yesterday.

It’s straight like a ruler, but when you whack it against your arm it coils around by itself magically.

I don’t know why it’s fluorescent though.

I guess so I can find it in the dark with a flashlight when I want to play with it.


note: I asked for one in black, but they didn’t have any of those.


Today #117

I hope the rest of today is cloaked in mystery … because it would kind of suck if it wasn’t there at all.



A Four Wheel Drive motorcycle would be cool.


note: I had a four wheel drive bicycle as a kid … or maybe those were training wheels.

double note: a two wheel drive unicycle would probably be good in the snow.

triple note: 4 Wheel Driveways are pretty standard.


Today #113

I’m going for the perfect day today … crap! I spilt my coffee!
correction: I’m planning for the perfect day tomorrow today.

The Whybrid

Here is a question for resident wind expert Prairie Flounder over at
 Sky Fishing :

Would a car with special high-tech pinwheels/whirly-gigs on it be able to create enough energy to run the car?

As soon as a car starts moving, all those things would be working non-stop.

It makes sense to me, but that’s not saying much.


note: maybe Bob Dylan was right, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.


notes to myself #197

Growing up and getting older are two very different things.

Air In Bags


Airbags are like parachutes:
I don’t have either one in my van.

… I’m going to feel really foolish if I need one of them some day … for moment.


note: I guess the difference between an airbag and a parachute is about 4,000 metres.

double note: parachuting should be an Olympic sport … but I’m not sure in which one.

triple note:I’d like some air in a bag please. I’m going to do something dangerous.

quadruple note:no airbag please … I’m into saving the environment … unless you have a biodegradable one.

quintuple note: my van doesn’t have a key with the automatic lock/unlock button on it either … I press my key and make a noise anyway … just to fit in. Then I wait until other people aren’t looking and stick the key in the door.

sextuple note: sorry if I haven’t been around for a few days visiting blogs … things are going on … or ongoing … or bongoing … or something like that. I’m like ginger; I’m sure I’ll snap out of it.


notes to myself #111

Man! You are so unbelievably not very sarcastic at all!


possibly a crematoria ... I guess I'll find out sooner or later ... or not at all.


I guess before man discovered fire,

…  cremations were not a thing of the passed.


note: there are so many different death rituals that have been practiced on this earth over the years, people don’t even agree on death ………….  rituals.

I guess death is disagreeable.

double note: on Planetross, when people die their hair just changes color.


notes to myself #21

You are the last born … but only by a few days.