Monthly Archives: December 2009

Recycling Time


Why is it always a New Year?

… never a recycled one.


note: I’m off to Kobe for the New Year  … so I’m leaving you all with some TVs to watch. I’m nice like that sometimes.

double note: I hope everyone has a  Happy New Year and real cool calendars to hang up on January 1st.

triple note: I wouldn’t mind recycling a few years.


notes to myself #97

Usually the New Years without parties are the best.

When The Coffee Breaks


If my job was to sit around all day drinking coffee …

I’d still be looking forward to coffee breaks.


note: coffee doesn’t really break … it just gets cold.

double note: taking a break from coffee on coffee breaks would be unacceptable.

triple note: trying to write a post with Back To The Future 2 playing in the background is annoying … but less annoying than just watching it.

quadruple note: I think my van has coffee brakes … sometimes they seem to be not on the job.


notes to myself #95

You are going to have a surplus of slippers one day. I don’t know how it happens … people just think you like slippers or something.



Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas whoever you are and whatever you believe … or whatever you are and whoever you believe … or something like that.

All the best to you and yours … and if you see other people … all the best to him and his, her and hers, and them and theirs.

I’ve got me and mine covered.


note: I can never get tired of singing Jingle Bells Batman Smells.

double note: I’d wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I don’t have my new calendar yet … and I’m not sure exactly when it will be next year.

triple note: don’t worry about me … I’ll be knee deep in turkey, stuffing/dressing and cranberry sauce before all you in North America have even gone to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing on your heads.

quadruple note: now I have to go cry while watching “Its a Wonderful Life” for the billionth time.  It ain’t Christmas without Mr. Gower smacking George’s bad ear.

quintuple note: I’m not really going anywhere … I’m just clicking the mouse a few times and sitting right here to watch it.

sextuple note: Japanese kids think it’s funny that I always got a few mikan/mandarin/Chinese oranges in the bottom of my stocking as a kid.

septuple note: Wow is “It’s a Wonderful Life” really 63 years old? It seems like it was just 43 years old the last time. 
I may have to hunt down the ghost of Alister Sims too tonight or tomorrow. He’ll be waiting for my visit I’m sure.


notes to myself #94

Great aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even your parents are like those chocolate Cadbury Easter eggs; they are around for a limited time only. Enjoy them while they last.

Poor Taste Buds Sometimes


Why are there fences on 2 sections of this overpass?

A road runs under one section and the train tracks are under the other.




note: sometimes the way out is difficult to get to.

double note: I guess they are splatter guards sort of … like those ones for frying bacon and sausages.

triple note: I’m not trying to be morbid … it comes naturally sometimes … like hair in the nose.

quadruple note: I’ve driven this road for 11 years and just noticed the fences recently. I’m slow sometimes … or I don’t think about those things very often … probably both.

quintuple note: they could have saved the money on the fences by just putting up a sign saying “You will only break your legs from this height“. I don’t know if it’s true, but hey! fences are expensive!


notes to myself #93

You are not a “mope around” person … you’re more of an ” oh well and move on” person.

10 Reasons Why I Blog (it’s cursor time)











note: just cleaning out some photos in preparation for other stupid photos to forget about in the New Year.

double note: did you hover the cursor over the pictures? … I knew you would.


notes to myself #92

You will go places where others can’t follow … usually toilet stalls, photobooths, telephone boxes, and between your ears.

Slim Pickens


Were you ever picked last when playing sports?

Me neither.

I’m sure it’s character building and loads of fun though.


note: Team Captains were usually the 2 best players and nobody wanted them on the same team … or everyone did.
Nobody or Everybody seems to agree on stuff … usually Nobody.

double note: not being picked at all really picks me … or something like that.

triple note: I picked and ate the fruit from this tree, but it tasted awful and made me sick. I’ll be more knowledgeable next time.

quadruple note: Did the Garden of Eden have a tree of stupidity too?  … or one with pineapples? … cause I like those ones.

quintuple note:shoot, a fella could have a pretty good time in Dallas with all this stuff.
Slim Pickens as Major T. J. “King” Kong in Dr. Strangelove.

sextuple note: it’s another 2 entry night.


notes to myself #91

The nextdoor neighbours don’t care if you eat the grapes growing on the side of their house, but it’s more fun to do stealthily and under the cover of darkness anyway.

The Hands Of Time


I wash my hands of time once in a while

… and become timeless … for a short time.


note: if something doesn’t have a price tag  is it priceless?

double note: winter comes in no time at all it appears.

triple note: look ma … no hands!

quadruple note: hedging bets is okay, but betting hedges is silly.

quintuple note: this outdoor clock usually requires a Lithe Hedger … but in winter any old joker could do it.


notes to myself #90

In a photo with all of your brothers and sisters don’t wear your Bartman t-shirt. It just dates the photo even more.

Properly Attired


I had to buy 2 new snow tires last weekend.

They don’t even gift wrap them at the gas station anymore.


note: I didn’t play with the guitar keychain in the photo … very much.

double note: why do vehicles always seem to run so much better when you get something new put on them?
I swear my van goes faster when I change the air freshener.


notes to myself #89

When you get a flat tire have it fixed right away: 8 months of sitting outside flat kind of ruins it forever for some reason.



I didn’t talk to anyone today.

Not a single word was uttered to another human today.

I wasn’t a recluse or anything: I went out.

I didn’t wave, nod, or acknowledge someone I knew who was driving by. (I didn’t see anyone I knew)
I didn’t say “thank you”, “no bag please”, or “heated” at a convenience store. (I didn’t go into one)
I didn’t talk on the phone.

Besides talking to myself I think I only talked to the cat sitting on the sake barrel outside the front door. 
It seems to have taken up sunshine hours there since I moved the aloe vera inside for the winter.

Do I feel weird or bothered by this?

Not really.

It was quite a nice day … I just didn’t talk to anyone.


note: sometimes I can’t hear myself talking.

double note:                                                                yes, that is exactly what I said.


notes to myself #88

You talk too much. You listen too little sometimes.