Monthly Archives: November 2011

Skyline View


This Sky Writer had to have been lefthanded.


note: I waited around to see what the message was going to be, but it was just another skinny cloud prank, I guess.

double note: vapor trails always make me think about the Alan Parsons Project‘s “I in the Sky“.


Today #299

Today I got a cool haircut … it’s a lot cooler at the back and on top now.

No Pressure … Or Evolution


It must have been nice to be a caveman.

No one else’s shoes to fill.


note: I can barely fill my own shoes … I buy them a little bigger than I need … just in case I grow a bit more.

double note: there is always room for growth, but not growths … because that is kind of growthss.


Today #298

Today my neighbour told me that the local big mountain had a lot of snow on it: we are pretty close like that.



How do you visualize your brain?

Is it a super-computer, a hamster on a wheel, a lottery machine, Stonehenge, a library’s card catalogue, a Rube Goldberg machine, a pack of cards, volcanic lava, …?

I think my brain is a vending machine, but sometimes things don’t come out … so I have to shake it a bit.


note: I can look at a lot of people and know exactly what they aren’t thinking about. It’s scary.
I have telepathetic abilities sometimes.


Today #297

Today I put on some mood lights in my living room … they made me moody.


Name Calling


Some people are just born Lucky

… while other people are just born Michael, Carlos, Raj, Anna-Marie, Yuko, Nadia, …

It just depends on who the parents are.

It’s genetic.


note: children named Lucky must have to overcome a lot of odds growing up.


Today #296

Today I realized that I’m quite good at wasting time.
… and playing Zombie Highway on the i-phone.

Some Days #9


Some days it feels like my life cycle has a flat tire.


note: I consider leaning up against stuff “kickstanding“.

double note: the other Some Days are still here  and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.


Today #295

Today I needed to concentrate like frozen orange juice.

Your Present Is The Stocking!


I guess before Christmas was invented
people just got presents on December 25th for no reason at all.


note: I finally have a stocking with my name on it! Thanks sister of mine.
… I write my name on the bottom of all my socks with a jiffy-marker, but that’s just not the same.

double note: I wrote this last year about what stocking I used as a kid:

triple note: my sister knitted a stocking for my girlfriend too. Now I will have to buy a bunch of stuff to fill it up with. Do they sell leg shaped pillows?    

quadruple note: before religions started making holidays everywhere, people must have had to work a lot more.


Today #294

Today I didn’t have much energy. I wish Apple had an update for people with low battery problems.

Either Origami: Neither Norigami


Playboy magazines and Origami are the same:

… it’s just wrong to through them on a fire.


note: Playboy models have paper mooned a lot of people over the years.

double note: does Playboy still produce a magazine? I don’t know.
I get all my interesting interviews off of the computer now.

triple note: sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been preoccupied … and I don’t even believe in reincarnation! What gives?

quadruple note: I’ve been busy in an “Occupied Movement“. … “Go Bowels!

quintuple note:stalling for time” usually involves bathroom cubicles.


Today #293

My heart beats about 103,680 times today: I didn’t count all of them … because I was sleeping for some of that time.
Some things just seem to carry on while I’m asleep … thankfully. … or maybe my heart stops while I’m sleeping … and I’m just special.

It’s Natural … Somewhere


When I was a kid, everything in the forest was either 50 shades of brown or 50 shades of green for most of the year.

Draw a tree!
Brown crayon/green crayon.

Draw a flower?
Daffodil or Rose?
Yellow crayon/green crayon or red crayon/green crayon.

There are probably a lot of kids in other countries who are disappointed with their crayons.


note: other countries seem more colourful figuratively and littorally.

double note: some people say Canada doesn’t have culture. I say Canada has a deep and rich silvaculture: it’s pretty clear-cut.


Today #292

Today I realized that I don’t know anyone in the North American entertainment gossip circles anymore.
My pop-culture credential has popped.

pop note: it’s not so bad. It all has to do with caring really really a little.

A Natural Occurrence That Occurs … Naturally!


When I’m out in cold weather, I seem to have to urinate more frequently than usual.

I’m sure if I was frozen solid, I’d piss myself!


note: I probably wouldn’t have to urinate at all on the sun.

double note: you know those days when you have nothing to say in a blog post? … I have those everyday. hee hee!


Today #291

Today I thought, “Hey! Tomorrow is payday! Treat yourself to a nice lunch; you’re worth it.” 
Mmmm drive-thru or counter service … decisions decisions.

Roadside Amenities


Phone, bus stop, toilet … I’m set.


note: it’s an out of service area.

double note: why are beneficial elements called “amenities“? Do people say “amen” when they find them or something?

triple note: why are payphones called payphones? … are all other phones supposedly free? I must have the wrong plan.


Today #290

Today I sleepsat my way through work.
I must have been too sleepy to walk.