X3. OO7/Sabotanyoki (deceased)


June 9th ’10: “007” died! He didn’t rebound as expected … and won’t be back sadly. He has gone the way of Sabotanyoki and lives on as a cactus head.


May 1st ’10:007” still remains to stay alive. He’s not doing so good, but I think he will rebound. Watch him and Sabotanyoki in the soon to be released “Half a Quartet of Soil“.


February 10th ’10:oo7” is still alive. He’s had a few close shaves with scissors, but seems to be still not dead. Watch for him and Sabotanyoki in the upcoming “Unkillable to Death“.



October 26th ’09: “007” continues to grow hair. Don’t miss him and Sabotanyoki in “ Place Matters“!

Find your own place mat ... this one's taken.



October 13th ’09: “007” is still doing fine. Watch out for him and Sabotanyoki in ” Out of Remote Control“.

Your chances Goldfinger? ... not even remote.



September 23rd ’09:007” is doing fine. He’ll next appear in “Origami My Mine“.

yes, I bought that dust collecter in the background.


September 18th ’09:007” is growing hair like nobody’s business! He’s back in “Tomato Soup or Die!

add some milk: stirred not shaken.


September 14th ’09:007” is doing fine and is as fast out of the start as Nyoki was!

I'm taller than you!


September 10th ’09:007” is back in “Rogaine, No Pain“!

"yes, ... considerably"


September ’09:   This is “007“. I figure “007” never dies, so hopefully this won’t either. We shall find out.

I have a nasty of surviving ... hopefully.

Sabotanyoki will appear periodically … or appeariodically be around.
Nyoki’s Brain will be given a decent burial.
I call things I chuck in the garbage “a decent burial”.

Below this line is from the time when Nyoki lived … well! Nyoki

April 16th, 2009

This is Nyoki.
He cost about $8 and doesn’t take up much room. He will be my friend … if he can grow grass, that I’ll pretend is hair, from his cute little noggin.
I’ve doused him with water and will wait.


Nyoki is dead!

Nyoki died on August 11th 2009. I’m not sure what the cause of death was … but possibly it was just his time. He was a good friend who just ran out of seed or something.
What do you do with a friend who dies? … transplant a new brain into their skull and see what happens!

not Nyoki ... its name is Sabotanyoki now!

This is Sabotanyoki! I sense haircuts will not be so frequent from now on. (“sabotan” is Japanese for cactus)

Nyoki's brain

I’ll keep Nyoki‘s brain for a while, under super hightech conditions, to see if he revives, but don’t hold your breath.


Nyoki -  July 29th 2009

July 29th, 2009

Nyoki has proved to be the best of the experiments. I was going to cut his grass, that I’m pretending is hair, but he said chicks dig his “fro”. I’m not sure what that means: as long as I don’t have to start forking out money for hair gel.



Nyoki June 2009

June 17th, 2009

Nyoki is still growing grass that I’m pretending is hair. He was getting a bit uncomfortable with the hot weather, so I’ve given him another haircut. A little shorter and hopefully cooler for him.



May 19th, 2009

Nyoki is growing grass, which I am pretending is hair, quite nicely. I gave him his first haircut last night. It’s probably a bit cooler for him now that the nice weather has arrived. I may give him a crewcut next time.


Nyoki the Hairy!

May 5th, 2009

I came back after a week  holiday and Nyoki is as grassy … that I’m pretending is hairy … as a proverbial lawn or other grassy area. Well done!

note: I’m just going to put the updates at the almost top of the page from now on: just trying to save all you Nyoki fans all that scrolling and stuff.


Nyoki at 1 week

April 23rd, 2009

Nyoki has started to grow some grass that I am pretending is hair.
He will be my friend … and I will continue to douse him with water.



April 26th, 2009

Nyoki is really taking this grass … that I am pretending is hair … growing business seriously. Well done Nyoki!


19 responses to “X3. OO7/Sabotanyoki (deceased)

  1. Nyoki is cute! Hmmm…grass is a safe bet. We’ve had grass growing in a plastic bottle from a project that is 3 years old.

  2. A haiku for you:

    This is Nyoki
    He may grow grass for you
    If you water him

    Enjoy! ~S~

  3. Tammy: I have plastic bottles growing in my grass! What a coincidence! hee hee!

    S. Le: Nyoki enjoyed the haiku. hee hee!

  4. Will this be as successful as Mr. Lowerback? Or the Bean/cockroach from the black lagoon

  5. Or have you just blown $8
    Darn it’s expensive being a scientist

  6. Well, no more “Mr. Bean” for you. haha. I like him much better. Did you know I think of you each time I pass some weird toy in the store? I think ” I want to buy that and send it to Ross!!”

  7. Wow, he’s already got more hair than me. Maybe I should crack a section of skull off the top of my head & drop in some grass seed

  8. Nyoki appears to be a success! Aren’t you glad? Perhaps it’s because you went away on your holiday.
    Now, you need a hungry cat.

  9. Tammy: Nyoki really sprouted while I was a way. He makes my other experiment look kind of sad now.
    I think the next update will have Nyoki sporting a new hairdo … which is really a grassdo because I’m still pretending.

  10. He’s doing nicely! Looks good with a “flat top.”

  11. S Le: I think I’ll give him a real buzz cut the next time.

  12. Can you cut my hair for me next time? I like the artistic style you were going for. I want the same one!

  13. You really got your moneys worth with this one, he is really looking good. All those haircuts & your compost pile must be getting bigger

  14. Awww. He’s all nice and tidy now.

  15. He’s the better looking of all your experiments, definitely better looking than the evil bean/cockroach one

  16. Poor Nyoki. Cause of death: Negligence. Weren’t you on vacation during that time? Hmmm?
    Sabotanyoki has big grass to fill.

  17. Goodness his unexpected brain death is a shock to us all. However his brain trans-plant looks good

  18. How can I get a cactus hair style, it looks like it has great coverage. I hope Sabotanyoki can live up to Nyoki’s standards of excellence

  19. Glad to see 007 is still alive. You can’t kill 007. But he may be replaced by Daniel Craig. One can only hope!

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