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Meta 3 +1 Speaking


I don’t like speaking metaphorically

… but metaphorically thinking out loud is okay.


note: caterpillars and butterflies are the same thing metamorphically speaking.

double note: a maze is pathillogical.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes #10: battery operated batteries!!!

Can You Dig It?


Shoveling snow is like gardening … sometimes a  bumper crops up.


note: I’m glad you have a new laptop Tony.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes # 9:

snow-blindness: … I think you can see that.

A Word To The Not So Wise


What’s the opposite of “the opposite“?

… “the same“?

That just doesn’t make sense; how can it be the same word?


note: I’m not intelligent … I’m outelligent
… but I’m not sure what that means really.

double note: I put my fingers in the jar … pure insanity!!!


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Eyes #8:      most of my nose.

A Belittle Belated For Christmas


Sure, the 3 Wise Men were on to something,

… but those 3 Little Kittens weren’t too shabby either!


note: I thought I put on my winter mittens … but they were really intermittens.

double note: I hope everyone had a good Christmas, except for Tony … who I hope is enjoying a good holiday.

triple note: when you are wearing 2 different socks, it’s the same as wearing one different sock really.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #7:    Goldfish walking in my kitchen … or maybe they were Silverfish.
I’m never sure about precious metals … and fish.



When I wait for a line of cars to go by before I can pull out on to the road

… the last one always seems the slowest.


note: when I’m waiting for something bad … it usually happens right away.

double note: people who fly first class experience waitlessness.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #6: someone pulling out a ketchup bottle from their coat at a fancy restaurant.

Banan Apeel


It’s actually quite difficult to slip on a banana peel.

I never find one in my size

… or the right occasion.


note: if you slip on a banana peel, do you do the banana splits?

double note: slipping on something more uncomfortable … sounds like work … or work related clothing.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #5:     Invisible Ink … maybe.



Youth is a game of give and take:

most give it no thought and take it for granted.


note: maybe it’s “love” that is a game of give and take … or that card game
asshole” … where you pass your cards.
… I forget, I haven’t played those ones for a while.

double note: you can either be youthful or youthempty.

triple note: I try to be youthful, but sometimes I’m just youthless … especially when it comes to mechanics and electrical stuff.

quadruple note: I have more colorful memories when I look at black and white photos for some reason.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #4: a tortoise wearing a turtleneck sweater.

Fueling Around


Fossil fuels going bone dry?

… sounds like a renewable resource to me!

… or a viscous circle.


note: in 650 million years I’m sure whatever I’ve become will be very
expensive at a gas station.

double note: if I lived for 650 millions years I might win the lottery!
… hopefully not on the last day.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #3:

peripheral visions straight ahead.

Air Transport


Do you know what security x-ray technicians at airports can’t see?

Inflated balloons in luggage.

I’m going to hide something in one next time.

… they probably won’t be able to see that either!

I could be wrong; I usually am.


note: I brought this balloon back from Canada in my backpack.

         security x-ray technician: Why are you carrying an empty backpack?

        me: hee hee!

double note: why this balloon? … my sister thought it was a planetross
thing … and saved it for me for 4 years.
My family knows me too well.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #2:
reading glasses approaching.


.  Anti-social butterflies are margarinalized usually. . note: apologies for disappearing, but it makes reappearing so much easier … for some reason. double note: nothing bad happened to me; it was just a break … not a breakdown. … I … Continue reading