Ghost Towns


There is something about ghost towns that I like.

They are failures in the longevity department, but somehow that’s part of their appeal. Visiting a ghost town is like seeing someone wearing a California Golden Seals hockey jersey: it’s sad and cool at the same time.


Whatever first attracted people to an area dried up, ran out, disappeared, or failed. The people moved on like Nomads or Bedouins, but they couldn’t take their permanent tents with them.

Drive-In movie theatres remind me of ghost towns. Something from the past that left visible remains on the landscape. Just a big area with a falling down screen; a few hundred metal posts sticking out of the ground at regular intervals; and a dilapitated building in the middle, that used to sell tubs of popcorn and housed the projector.

It looks like the Drive-In movie people forgot to take their tent poles with them.

note: I’m off on holidays. I’ll be back on May 4th. If you break into my house, can you water my plants for me. 

8 responses to “Ghost Towns

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  2. Happy Holiday. I really don’t follow hockey, so I don’t know who the golden seals are…

  3. I’ll be glad to water your plants whilst I’m here in your flat…. BTW, what is that strange stain under your coffee table?

    Looking forward to more about ghost towns.

  4. oh do you put your key under the door mat?
    The California Golden seals were the worst dressed team in Hockey. Imagine Tammy Faye Baker as their wardrobe malfunctionist Bless her soul

  5. I too, feel sadden when I see a abandon drive-in theater. I hold very fond memories of times I had spent at drive-in. Especially in my teen years… Boy howdy, could I tell you stories. I had some great times in the car at the ole drive-in….

    Sometimes I even had a girl with me.

  6. Have a lovely holiday and Go Red Wings!

  7. I will need your address if I am going to break in… er… water for you!

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