The Hands Of Time


I wash my hands of time once in a while

… and become timeless … for a short time.


note: if something doesn’t have a price tag  is it priceless?

double note: winter comes in no time at all it appears.

triple note: look ma … no hands!

quadruple note: hedging bets is okay, but betting hedges is silly.

quintuple note: this outdoor clock usually requires a Lithe Hedger … but in winter any old joker could do it.


notes to myself #90

In a photo with all of your brothers and sisters don’t wear your Bartman t-shirt. It just dates the photo even more.

4 responses to “The Hands Of Time

  1. My relationship with time can be best summed up by saying, “I have wasted time and time has wasted me”.

    As for your triple note: look ma … no hands!

    I got me thinking, would it be OK to call people who had no hands, “digitals”?

  2. You didn’t make a reference to Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. But then you were talking about hedges not bottles.

    If something doesn’t have a price tag it’s $free.98.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    razzbuffnik: I like that quote. I love the “digital” idea, but will keep it to myself if I encounter someone like that. I guess the rest of us are just “handsome“. … groan.

    Tammy: I love Jim Croce! … or my mother infested my mind with his songs as a child. I love Jim Croce!
    I don’t think I’ve ever saved time in a bottle, but it was fun spending time in a bottle on occasion.
    Now you’ve got me singing “Operator“!

    Dennis the Vizsla: only 3 photos of all the siblings are in existence. For me diapers, bad clothes at 11 at one of my sisters’ weddings, and the Bartman episode at 25.

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