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A Coffee Break


I seem to be moving at “coffee breakneck speed” these days.


note: I’m taking a short hiatus from posting for a while … or a long lowatus … or a few weeks probably.


Today #205

Something good is going to happen today: I can feel it!

When The Coffee Breaks


If my job was to sit around all day drinking coffee …

I’d still be looking forward to coffee breaks.


note: coffee doesn’t really break … it just gets cold.

double note: taking a break from coffee on coffee breaks would be unacceptable.

triple note: trying to write a post with Back To The Future 2 playing in the background is annoying … but less annoying than just watching it.

quadruple note: I think my van has coffee brakes … sometimes they seem to be not on the job.


notes to myself #95

You are going to have a surplus of slippers one day. I don’t know how it happens … people just think you like slippers or something.