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Mother Nature’s A Mother … Sometimes.


I don’t usually think that I’m living on a crust

… until there is an earthquake.


note: I am fine. I live up in the mountains about 300km away from Sendai. It shook this area up, but no damage.

double note: my heart goes out to those in Sendai and Northern Japan who have lost their lives, relatives, friends, homes, livelihoods and all the other stuff we get used to as permanent.


Today #148

I don’t feel so funny today … more sad and shocked.

Hanging Out In 100B


Hope springs eternal”      (Alexander Pope)

Spring springs eternal too! … and is springy!”      (planetross)



note: When a pregnant woman tells me her due date … I do the math and figure out when her did date was.
… I hope other guys do that too.

double note: Spring is 9 months away from the first day of summer … or only a day away …  if you are into nostalgia.

triple note:Danny Says” by The Ramones and Tom Waits! How cool is that? … pretty cool.
I couldn’t find an Alexander Pope version, sorry.

quadruple note: I figured I’d throw this one out on the weekend because nobody ever comments of this video stuff anyway.

quintuple note: If  Tom Waits, Joey Ramone, and Alexander Pope were in the same room; I’m sure I’d be dreaming.

sextuple note: I’m getting all melancholugubrious.


notes to myself #122

Everyone has their own musical taste … it’s just the way it is. Opening your ears and shutting your mouth is usually better than closing your ears and opening your mouth.



I didn’t talk to anyone today.

Not a single word was uttered to another human today.

I wasn’t a recluse or anything: I went out.

I didn’t wave, nod, or acknowledge someone I knew who was driving by. (I didn’t see anyone I knew)
I didn’t say “thank you”, “no bag please”, or “heated” at a convenience store. (I didn’t go into one)
I didn’t talk on the phone.

Besides talking to myself I think I only talked to the cat sitting on the sake barrel outside the front door. 
It seems to have taken up sunshine hours there since I moved the aloe vera inside for the winter.

Do I feel weird or bothered by this?

Not really.

It was quite a nice day … I just didn’t talk to anyone.


note: sometimes I can’t hear myself talking.

double note:                                                                yes, that is exactly what I said.


notes to myself #88

You talk too much. You listen too little sometimes.