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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas whoever you are and whatever you believe … or whatever you are and whoever you believe … or something like that.

All the best to you and yours … and if you see other people … all the best to him and his, her and hers, and them and theirs.

I’ve got me and mine covered.


note: I can never get tired of singing Jingle Bells Batman Smells.

double note: I’d wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I don’t have my new calendar yet … and I’m not sure exactly when it will be next year.

triple note: don’t worry about me … I’ll be knee deep in turkey, stuffing/dressing and cranberry sauce before all you in North America have even gone to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing on your heads.

quadruple note: now I have to go cry while watching “Its a Wonderful Life” for the billionth time.  It ain’t Christmas without Mr. Gower smacking George’s bad ear.

quintuple note: I’m not really going anywhere … I’m just clicking the mouse a few times and sitting right here to watch it.

sextuple note: Japanese kids think it’s funny that I always got a few mikan/mandarin/Chinese oranges in the bottom of my stocking as a kid.

septuple note: Wow is “It’s a Wonderful Life” really 63 years old? It seems like it was just 43 years old the last time. 
I may have to hunt down the ghost of Alister Sims too tonight or tomorrow. He’ll be waiting for my visit I’m sure.


notes to myself #94

Great aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even your parents are like those chocolate Cadbury Easter eggs; they are around for a limited time only. Enjoy them while they last.