Stick Man Art

7 responses to “Stick Man Art

  1. Um….

  2. Hi Ross, I just stumbled upon these animations–good fun! Have you ever considered sticking an animation in your daily post once every blue moon?
    Keep up the “brain farts…”

    prometheuscomic: I might do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t gone back to the animation site for a while.

  3. hiya ross you are amazing and absoulty brill

  4. jordan kent: thanks for stopping by. Your kind wordlike words leave me blushing as much as all the brides at one of those communal weddings practiced by people wanting to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

  5. Very nice, very nice indeed. I like the innovation.

  6. I haven’t seen these before. The 3rd one seems very graphically violent. Great stuff

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