Properly Attired


I had to buy 2 new snow tires last weekend.

They don’t even gift wrap them at the gas station anymore.


note: I didn’t play with the guitar keychain in the photo … very much.

double note: why do vehicles always seem to run so much better when you get something new put on them?
I swear my van goes faster when I change the air freshener.


notes to myself #89

When you get a flat tire have it fixed right away: 8 months of sitting outside flat kind of ruins it forever for some reason.

5 responses to “Properly Attired

  1. me want keychain! me want! it’s cooool. 🙂

  2. If those tires fit your van, you must have gone to clown college to drive that thing around. Either that, or it’s got twenty four wheels and isn’t so good in snow deeper than an inch and a half.


  3. What a very special gift to yourself! LOL 🙂 Do they come in different colors maybe?

  4. Would it be that the new air freshener effects your mood, therefore increasing the pressure your foot applies to the gas pedal?

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: it had a little button on it that when pushed made a stupid guitar sound. I pushed it 10 times before I got sick of it and started to look for nudey pictures in the magazines. hee hee!

    Turkish Prawn: the ones I bought were a bit bigger than that, but not much.
    The van has never got stuck in snow … ever! It’s 4WD and superduper low drive make it unstoppable.

    Doraz: they come in round, black, and rubbery only!

    Tammy: I think new air fresheners stink so much I drive faster to reach my destination to get out of the smell. hee hee!

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