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To Owe One Three

everyone is a 2013ager this year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Apologies for disappearing in the latter half of 2012.
Nothing bad happened; just lack of motivation.
The motivation was motivacationing I guess.

… but this is a new year!
… anything could happen!

January first!
… at least that’s how the months on my calendars usually go.


note: I think I’ll just scrap the “notes” and “Today” stuff at the end of these blogs … until I’m back into the swing of things.

double note: it says “a prize in every box” up in the right hand corner of the box. I should have written it bigger … I told you I’m a bit rusty!

Using Mental Fingers And Toes


There should be a calculator for doing mental arithmetic

… or a ruler at least.


note: I feel sluggish lately … avoiding salt … leaving a trail … and all that stuff, but I really don’t feel like blogging for a while.
So I will be back after the next big event on my The Big Three list:

Numata Matsuri 2008 / Numata Matsuri 2009

Kinder Olympics / When Was The Last Time?

Dance Recital Madness / Dance Recital Madness: Day 2

Dance Recital Madness 2011

double note: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I didn’t miss last year’s Numata Matsuri from August 3rd to 5th … I just took crappier photos than usual … and thought I’d give it a miss as blog fodder for a year. I will report on it again this year. (promise)

triple note: does anyone do mental algebra?

quadruple note: I think I deposed a ruler back in 1977 … when Canada went all metric on me.


Today 222

Today was like eating a day old banana … it wasn’t ripe at all.

Mr. Lower Back … 3 Years Old!



A month after I started blogging in 2008 I started my first experiment: a Hair Labo.
I named him Mr. Lower Back because at first he didn’t grow hair on his head … just other odd places.

It’s his 3rd birthday today. He’s looking pretty sad, but he keeps on going for some reason. (I had to re-attach his left eye for the photo)

Most of the people who first read the crap I was writing at the beginning have either stopped blogging or stopped leaving comments. That’s cool: everyone has a life … and hobbies/life/situations change.

Some of the first readers of this blog are still around though; Tony, S. Le, Turkish Prawn, Prairie Flounder, sweetiegirlz, and Pat Coakley to name a few who keep stopping by here … like I’ve got worms and they want to go fishing.


It’s been 3 years plus, but I’m not as sad looking as Mr. Lower Back … so I will continue.


note: I have to say that Tony  has sent more people this way than anyone else … for some reason. It’s really quite weird when I try to think about it … which I don’t enough. (I still miss another featured blog that had to do with which way the toiletpaper roll was hanging in the hotels the guy visited)

double note: I should eliminate a lot of the roll call from the blogroll, but I can’t … it’s my nature. I’d be Waiting for Godot … if I was in that play.
(I miss all of you)

triple note:  for everyone else on the blogroll who joined me at a later date … I’m not sure if I found you or you found me … I’m just glad you are still here. It makes the blogging hobby (blobby) very enjoyable.

quadruple note: all my other experiments are long gone or finished. Some were good, some were bad, some were boring … or not to my liking. They are still up at the top of the blog if you’ve got time to kill … and are really bored.
(I’d like to start a new experiment, but my local experiment shop has closed sadly: I’ll keep looking for something new though)


Today #170

Today was like ordering a pizza and calculating only 3 pieces will be mine … then a few people got sick unexpectantly and a few weren’t hungry … Total Score!!!
(this is an analogy: I don’t order pizza when more than 2 people are present)

An Another Update


Things here are about the same as they were a few days ago.

On the walk to the gym this morning I noticed a few businesses closed, but most were open.
I went into a convenience store and bought a sandwich: there were normal supplies.
I went to the gym: it was normal.
I got a haircut: maybe it was a “panic haircut”~!
I stopped by work to tell them I would be at work next week: it was normal.

I went to a grocery store: it was normal.

Everything is still normal … just an underlying note of stress and concern in most people I’ve met.



note: it’s hard to see charity boxes without shoving money in them.

double note: I’m a bit stressed, but hopefully I will lose a lot of weight in the process. I’m looking for a lose/win situation.


Today #151

Today nothing happened: that’s not a bad thing.

Thinking Of Speaking … Or Speaking Of Thinking


I didn’t think of anything stupid today.
I said some stupid things though.
… and then wrote them down.

That “think before you speak” stuff could really cause this blog to suffer.


note: running out of ideas is very droughtful.

double note: I’m off for the weekend to parts unknown … to a lot of people, but I know them quite well and am going anyway.


Today #75

I told you what happened today above: I don’t chew my cabbage twice!



Sometimes I say, “I don’t think yesterday’s post was very original.”

… and my friend always replies, “There are 6 billion people on the planet.”

He’s always trying to change the topic.


note: my friend says that I am unique, but he never tells me who I am unique like when I ask.

double note: Wow! 6 Billion People!!! … that would be a big dogpile.

triple note: the amazing sculpture is from the same guy who did this … with links to his site that I’m too lazy to copy and paste again.

quadruple note: I couldn’t think of anything stupider than a 6 billion person dogpile for that second note: if you can, let me know. (shamelessly pandering for comments)


Today #55

Today evaporated like chicken wings … if I waited around for chicken wings to evaporate that is.

Blogbligatory Entry


It has been 2 years since I started blogging on wordpress.

This is almost becoming a regular annual reoccurence.

I always knew I had nothing to write about …
I just never knew how much nothing I had to write about.

When I shake my head there is still something rattling inside it, so I am not empty yet.

I will continue to move ahead … or continue … or not stop … or something like that.
… it just won’t be a head like those Easter Islanders made.

I will go fourth and prosper like Norway in the 2010 Olympic medal standings … and possibly Thor Heyerdahl will visit me in my sleep while I’m awake, so I remember it, and tell me how to move a head better.


note: thanks to everyone who actually continue to read these things on a regular basis frequently.
You are all puttons for glunishment … or some real words that sound similar … like bad homonyms.


notes to myself #148

You are always a bridesmaid never a bride. … it’s a lesser of two evils scenario if you think about it.

Logging And Blogging


Posts are from logs
Posts are from blogs

“How many?” requires
Pollsters and surveyors

To make polls about postings
Make poles out of post things


Enter statistics
On memory sticks
Print their findings
On things that need bindings.


note: a little blog cabin in the cyber wood be nice.

(no that isn’t a typo)

double note: I have a totem stick.

triple note: I rhyme loosely … don’t think of me obtusely.

quadruple note: the guy in the photo is a snowman tamer … or is possibly trying to wake that lazy snowman up.


notes to myself #136

Your strengths and weaknesses are very far apart … sadly.

Motion Sickness


I have “going through the motions sickness“.

I’m taking a break and will be sitting on fences mending … or sitting on mends fencing … or something like that.

I’ll be out letting the flowers smell me, the sunshine enjoy me, and changing the fresh air into carbon dioxide.


note:  I’ll still be around … just not posting for a while. I will see you at your place.

double note: How long is a while?  … I don’t know. I’ve never caught one and measured it.  February sounds good.

triple note: What am I going to do? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll think of something … or be thinking of something.


notes to myself #133

There is enough Kraft Dinner and Pork n’ Beans to last you a month.

10 Reasons Why I Blog (it’s cursor time)











note: just cleaning out some photos in preparation for other stupid photos to forget about in the New Year.

double note: did you hover the cursor over the pictures? … I knew you would.


notes to myself #92

You will go places where others can’t follow … usually toilet stalls, photobooths, telephone boxes, and between your ears.