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A Modest Conceit


People who are really good at bragging

… never seem to brag about it.


note: everyone is modest about something, but I’m sure there is someone out there bragging about being the most modest though.

double note: if you’re the most modest person, are you the modestest?

triple note: it’s a very mothest photo tonight.


what I’m listening to now #27:  Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) sung by Kenny Rogers no less!

Food Etiquettion


My sister used to eat all the food on her plate systematically clockwise.

She’d eat all the potatoes, then the sausages, then the peas, …

It drove my mother crazy.

I started eating all my food systematically counterclockwise
… just to bother my sister.

I don’t know if that drove my mother crazy as well,
but our mother stopped making dessert for some reason.


note: I have no table manners … when I’m eating a burger while walking.

double note: if people are feeding off of you … you must have good table mannerisms.

triple note: I’m C’est la vie about French food, Que Sera, Sera about Spanish food,  … (come on! I know you can add to this list)

quadruple note: Fast Food is okay, but Faster Food would be an improvement … maybe.


what I’m listening to now #26: myself rambling internally.

The Best Part


The best part of my day is when…

I’m not thinking about all the stuff that makes up the rest of the day.

Sometimes the best part lasts all day.

Now that’s a whole I don’t mind digging!


note: the rest of my day sometimes involves sleep.

double note: I’m not a hippie! … “digging” just seemed to be “groovy” for this post … and had the right “vibe“.


what I’m listening to now #25:  Fleetwood Mac.



If I had to be evil, I wouldn’t want to be really evil or even a little evil

… I’d want to be medieval  … like Dracula.


note: actually, I don’t have a mean bone in my body … if I’m mean, I must be having an out of body experience.

double note: mean people are walking lost; they are meandering.


what I’m listening to now #24: Mumford & SonsLittle Lion Man.

Dance Recital Madness Again!


Yes, it’s that time of year for one of the Big Three on my calendar!

Dance Recital Madness!

Kindergarten Kids doing Kindergarten Dancing … in a Kindergarten no less!!!

I’ve gone for the last 6 years … and probably have another 6 years plus 6 years left in me before I’m not invited anymore … but I’d still go anyway.

Highlights this year:

someone could do a real cartwheel.
– I think they used the theme music from “The Prisoner“.
no one had a meltdown on stage.
– there were “garlic ninjas” and “cabbages” … that’s quite rare.
they let me write my name in English in the sign-in book … although I had to write it vertically.
– I didn’t get too mauled by all the kids.
there were 5 sets of twins performing … I’m still waiting for another set of triplets like 5 years ago.


note: I get to go to another one tomorrow morning. … pinching myself.

double note: the other of the Big Three are here:

Numata Matsuri 2008 / Numata Matsuri 2009

Kinder Olympics / When Was The Last Time?

Dance Recital Madness / Dance Recital Madness: Day 2 / Another Of The Big ThreeDance Recital Madness 2012.


what I’m listening to now #23:  Bread … not the band … just the stuff sitting in the kitchen.



I can only imagine what it’s like to have to listen to someone who goes on and on about something that I’m not interested in at all
… because that never seems to happen to me.

I’ll have to ask my friends how that feels
… they might know someone like that.


note: talk is cheap, but spouting verbal diarrhea ad nauseam  is free!

double note: you could talk Mr. Potato Head‘s ears off pretty easily if you used your fingers.

triple note: blah blah blah is blad blad blad.


what I’m listening to now #22: a cover/mixture of Reckless Eric‘s “The Whole Wide World” from Stranger Than Fiction.

Statically Speaking


Lightning strikes me … as funny.


note: there should be darkning too!

double note: my static electricity bill keeps going up every month!
… I don’t know why, but that doesn’t seem right.


what I’m listening to now #21: my conscience.

Mental Patience


Mental Telepathy Checklist

1. Bend Spoon with Mind … or head.   check!

2. See Ghost … total chick flick.   check!

3. Read People’s Thoughts … about what a jerk I am for farting. … check!

4. Mind Control/Brainwashing … daily with strong shampoo.   check!

5. ESP … N.   check!

6. Reading Cards without seeing them … December … mmm Christmas card: January … mmm Birthday card.: February … mmm Valentine’s Day card.   check!


note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking time out of his busy day to take photos of me with spoons on my eyes.

double note: no spoons were harmed during this post … and were washed more thoroughly than the ones I put in my mouth … or my mouth.


what I’m listening to now #20: the Reg Dunlop Slapshot pep talk speech.

My Right Shoe Is Not Right!


My right shoe is squeaky.
I thought maybe it was a squeaky sock or foot, but now I’m sure.

I wore all my right socks on my left foot and they didn’t squeak.
I wore my left shoe on my right foot and it didn’t squeak.

It’s the shoe.

I’ve adjusted: I just think that it’s a squeaky clean shoe now.

… and my left shoe is dirty.


note: I’d give my left shoe for a right shoe that wasn’t squeaky! … that might work.

double note: some people say “you have to walk a mile in another person’s shoes to know them“, but if you walked in my shoes that squeak would drive you crazy! … and you’d know me.


what I’m listening to now #19: I’m not listening to anyone! … I’m doing my own thing.

Do Nuts: Don’t Nuts



Golfers must like doughnuts because they can always get a hole in one.


note: doughnuts and cookies are great, but the only cookie doughnuts I’ve ever seen … were little kids dipping their fingers in the cookie dough when mom wasn’t looking.
I’ve seen it through my own eyes! … and finger. hee hee!

double note: I haven’t done doughnuts in a car forever. When did I become so non-reckless?

triple note: why are they called doughnuts? … they usually don’t have nuts in them.


what I’m listening to now #18:  Alkaline Trio.