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Properly Attired


I had to buy 2 new snow tires last weekend.

They don’t even gift wrap them at the gas station anymore.


note: I didn’t play with the guitar keychain in the photo … very much.

double note: why do vehicles always seem to run so much better when you get something new put on them?
I swear my van goes faster when I change the air freshener.


notes to myself #89

When you get a flat tire have it fixed right away: 8 months of sitting outside flat kind of ruins it forever for some reason.

It Can’t Hurt


If I can’t make a difference … I just want to make it different.


note: I’m not a trendsetter … I don’t know anything about dogs and their breeding.

double note: the air seems fresher already.

triple note: I don’t know what that stinky tree smelled like before, but it smells like ocean fresh something now. It may smell like pine eventually.

quadruple note: the air freshner was tired of hanging on the rearview mirror tree.

quintuple note: everyone is a tree: we just live in mobile forests.

sextuple note: we all have roots … even if they are only in our hair and teeth.

septuple note: I’ve put on two obnoxiously short entries tonight.


notes to myself #68

Your family tree is a renewable resource. You may be a stump though. sorry.

Bedrock Bottom Shtick

with 10 feet it goes fast!


As I shifted from one foot to the other I thought …

“maybe buying a Flintstone Mobile wasn’t the best idea”.


note: standard drives are shifty.

double note: sure I have a carpet in my van … it’s an air freshner called Stinky!

triple note: fishsticks to the roof of my mouth.


notes to myself #15

Mom usually knows when you’ve done something bad, but she really doesn’t want to know exactly what it is … unless formal charges are laid.