Recycling Time


Why is it always a New Year?

… never a recycled one.


note: I’m off to Kobe for the New Year  … so I’m leaving you all with some TVs to watch. I’m nice like that sometimes.

double note: I hope everyone has a  Happy New Year and real cool calendars to hang up on January 1st.

triple note: I wouldn’t mind recycling a few years.


notes to myself #97

Usually the New Years without parties are the best.

8 responses to “Recycling Time

  1. Because then it would be groundhog day and who wants to end up with Andie McDowell?

  2. Aiiieee, the televisions have banded together to take over the world! Oh, wait, that happened a long time ago …

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  4. Hi mate happy new year to you too..enjoy your holiday..and yeah thanks for leaving TVs for us ! You are very nice ! we all agree .. :):) ;0

  5. Our new calendar is Wallace & Grommet. Happy New Year!

  6. The remote controls are too valuable to leave stacked outside, I’m sure.
    Hope you had a nice new year holiday!

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    Razzbuffnik: was that a rhetorical question? hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I’m sure most of those TVs still worked. People are just buying new digital ones in preparation for the big switch over to digital only in 2011.

    sweetiegirlz: some people are throwing out their flat screen tvs and getting flatter screen tvs!
    Someone gave Mr. Pettit a 2 year old flatscreen tv! I’ve caught him calling it a “flatbed tv” more than once. hee hee!

    Tasneem R: yes I am. I was going to leave a stack of tires, but I thought some people might not have cars. hee hee!

    S. Le: thanks! I’m not sure what calendar I’m going to hang up at work today: probably one that’s going to take about a month to flatten out.

    Donald Diddams: thanks. it’s a remote possibility, but the remotes are probably sitting in a box inside the shop.

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