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A Golden Ticket


There are a lot of chocolate bars out there:

Snickers, Kit Kat, Oh Henry!, Mr. Big, Almond Joy, Mars, Big Turk, Crunchie, Mounds, Coffee Crisp, Eat-More, Morrow, Hershey, Malted Milk, 3 Musketeers, Aero, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, , Crispy Crunch, Flake, Skor, Sweet Marie, Twix,  Zero …

I know there’s no Willy Wonka “golden ticketin any of them,

… but I’ll keep searching.

I’m forever optimistic.

… maybe I’ll find two!


note: I think my favourite chocolate bars are Cherry Blossoms or Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups or maybe Glosette Raisins or Peanuts, or possibly Rolos, and definitely all types of M&M’s.

double note: chocolate bar codes are probably lickable.

triple note: being pre-optimistic and post-optimistic is in the realm of transgender people maybe.


what I’m listening to now #33:  nothing! … everything is on mute.

A Mute Point



 If humans were all mute, I bet there would be more punching and kicking.


note: what is sign language for “punch“?

double note: some days I think I was born “moot“.

triple note: If I’ve offended anyone who is mute, I wasn’t trying to. I apologize in advance.


Today #209

Today I was so busy it was like running barefoot on really hot sand.



I didn’t talk to anyone today.

Not a single word was uttered to another human today.

I wasn’t a recluse or anything: I went out.

I didn’t wave, nod, or acknowledge someone I knew who was driving by. (I didn’t see anyone I knew)
I didn’t say “thank you”, “no bag please”, or “heated” at a convenience store. (I didn’t go into one)
I didn’t talk on the phone.

Besides talking to myself I think I only talked to the cat sitting on the sake barrel outside the front door. 
It seems to have taken up sunshine hours there since I moved the aloe vera inside for the winter.

Do I feel weird or bothered by this?

Not really.

It was quite a nice day … I just didn’t talk to anyone.


note: sometimes I can’t hear myself talking.

double note:                                                                yes, that is exactly what I said.


notes to myself #88

You talk too much. You listen too little sometimes.